Golden Starks

Golden Starks

Profession: CEO of Golden Harvest Industries. Duties include Illustration, Blood Farming, Organ Harvesting, Tunnel Digging, Guillotine Maintenance & Kidnapping.

Tell us about you: Master & Ruler of The Universe, Millenium Man, Shit Destroyer, Sewer Dweller. Can Often Be Found Sending Modern Machinery Back Through Time. Rewrote The New Testament As A Dracula Novel.

What inspires you? Old diving helmets. Going to the beach in full denim. New exciting ways to burn things down using sugar.

What would your superpower be? Any superpowers I suddenly gain would be used exclusively to have sex with popular wealthy people or celebrities. Time travel is especially useful for this kind of thing

Favourite local hangout? Meatgrinder Gym & Sauna, 1313 Roscoe Street, Liverpool.

Tell us a secret. “The fantasy most frequently involves the victim being swallowed alive, and may or may not include digestion”

Twitter: @NecroButcher187