Fred Johnson

Fred Johnson

Profession: Student.

Tell us about you: Brighton-born Devon-dweller, now living in Liverpool. I study English Lit at the Uni of Liverpool, though I spend most my time trying to master the cruel mistress that is time so as to avoid the swiftly-encroaching “real world”. Going to try and fit the rest of my life into the next few years before I drown in promoting synergy and action items and tax returns.

What inspires you? People who are awkwardly intense, people who sacrifice everything else to pursue a single thing, people who come dangerously close to destruction but come back from it, people who don’t need confirmation from everyone else to know that what they’re doing is worthwhile, Bernard Black from Black Books.

What do you love about Liverpool? The bizarre mix of abandoned and shiny new buildings, the deceptively gentle scousers, the surprises that lurk beneath the surface, Ate Days a Week on Smithdown Road.

What would your superpower be? The ability to control and move through time, kind of like if H.G Wells wrote Bernard’s Watch.

Favourite Local hangout? Kelly’s Dispensary.

Tell us a secret: I’ve never watched The Lion King. Deprived child.

Email: fredbobjohnson [at]