Eva Szwarc

Eva Szwarc

Profession: Writer + Programmer.

Tell us about you: I’m a writer from Wolverhampton, a hopeless overthinker and try-hard optimist. I mean, I’ve still got my unticked list of New Year’s resolutions taped to the side of my bed. I swear they’re taunting me. It’s nearly August.

What inspires you? The knee-jerk reaction would be everything but lately I’ve been feeling pretty pessimistic. The last thing that did inspire me was a handwritten message by Octavia Butler. It reads like a self-manifesto, spell or self-affirmation and ends with “So be it! See to it!”

What do you love about where you live? I’ve been based in Plymouth the last few years. Apart from the sea air feeling a little fresher here than from my landlocked home roots, the city is an incredibly exciting place to be. It’s neither quite yet gentrified nor established, but bubbling and rumbling with so many brilliant projects and people. You feel like you’re playing a part in the city’s future here.

Favourite local hangout? You’ll always find her in the kitchen at parties.

What would your superpower be? Telekinesis would be pretty good, if only coming in handy for when you get to the top of the stairs only to realise you left your brew in the kitchen. I don’t dream big.

Tell us a secret. I know every word to The Goonies film. I can’t not whisper along. Nobody will watch it with me anymore.