Emma Palmer

Emma Palmer

Profession: Marketing Assistant at Tate.

Tell us about you: Studied in the South, come from the Middle, now in the North. Maker of video and sound art. Lover of hats, cakes and patterned trousers. Still finding my way.

What inspires you? People who overcome hardship or difficulties and bang on about them. They just make do and get on. People these days seem to moan a lot about a little.

What do you love about Liverpool? I’m a big people watcher and Liverpool has perhaps an abnormally high level of interesting people to watch. Never a dull day.

What would your superpower be? Not technically a superpower but I would love a Bernard’s Watch. Nothing like having a little more time.

Favourite local hangout? I’m a big fan of Cuthberts. Anywhere that serves a decent slab of cake and cup of coffee will always be a winner for me.

Tell us a secret. I have a lot of respect for Britney Spears.