Eli Regan

Eli Regan

Profession: Freelance Writer/NCTJ Journalist/Photography graduate.

Tell us about you: Scrap-books full of images of urban disintegration, disappearing second-hand bookshops, poems scrawled on brown envelopes, travelogue entries, Falling Down-style rants, listening to my daughter obsess over dinosaurs.

What inspires you? Magnum photographers, good creative non-fiction, good journalism (more important than ever), my daughter’s bright nature and imagination.

What do you love about where you live? I live in Warrington (it was a slight culture shock moving from Madrid to Warrington at 16). I’m extremely proud of the Save Warrington’s Libraries movement which arose when Livewire proposed to close many of the town’s libraries. So far, they’ve managed to stall their plans.

Favourite local hangout? I’m always on a train… I love the independents on Liverpool’s Bold St (Maray, Bakchich) and the animated conversations that happen in the smoking yard at The Castle in Manchester. I badly miss the Cornerhouse (Manchester).

What would your superpower be? Writing at the speed of lightning. Or even just writing every day.

Tell us a secret That would be telling…


Twitter: @ereganreviews