DW Mault

D W Mault

Profession: Filmmaker, cineaste and general creative malcontent…

Tell us about you: D W Mault is a 30 something citizen of Europe who was born in Liverpool and to create meaning in a meaningless world. He’s back from London as he’s adapted Gwendoline Riley’s Cold Water and will direct the film before the end of the year.

What inspires you? Monday mornings, Werner Herzog, self hatred, Pedro Costa, cinema, stupidity, Harmony Korine, Toxteth, JLG, Gasper Noe, Leos Carax, Drone Rock, Radio 3, Pinot Noir and the fact that I’m not Shane Meadows…

What would your superpower be? The ability to freeze time.

Favourite local hangout? The Grapes (corner of Knight Street and Mount Street), Bold Street Coffee and Hope Street.

Tell us a secret. I hate your cracker ass (and nail varish)…