Chris Pennington

Christopher Pennington

Profession: Escaped Civil Servant/Beard/Occasional Photographer.

Tell us about you: I’m a permanent work in progress and don’t like chatting about a story before I’ve reached the end. It is a cracking epic fantasy so far.

What inspires you? That feeling when the lights go properly down in a cinema and the music starts. I’ve still to be ‘meh’ about it in 30 years. Proper Wonderland stuff. As well as anyone associated with HBO.

What do you love about Liverpool? It always manages to overcome lots of the crap surrounding Liverpool as proved by the Sea Odyssey. Also the fact it’s not St. Helens.

What would your superpower be? “On her first mission, the inexperienced Rogue clashed with Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) and permanently absorbed the hero’s memories and powers, including super-strength and flight. Distraught over her lack of control, Rogue turned to her enemies, the X-Men”. So the ability to get all of Ms. Marvels powers. Yes it’s the ‘I’d wish for many more wishes’, but it’s proper silver age stuff so I’m allowed this one.

Favourite local hangout: Lark Lane pubs with chums and wifey and wine, a cinema not populated by talkers, and also the Lark Lane Tea Club.

Tell us a secret. I’ve signed the Official Secrets Act a half dozen times. I couldn’t possibly. Though we are all ruled by a cabal with Julian Clary and Boutros Boutros-Ghali as leader.