Christopher Carr

Christopher Carr

Profession: Musician, journalist, writer.

Tell us about you: Born in Whiston and raised, for better or worse, in Widnes. Published in blogs and a couple of those trendy zines. I’ve spent at least two-thirds of my life thus far listening to and/or playing music, reading and writing. I write, record and host both my own podcast series and an ongoing series of podcasts for The Lemon Collective. Aside from all that I also teach music to primary school children.  

What inspires you? Poetry, literature, music, films, art and anything else that is beautiful.

What do you love about Liverpool? When I was growing up, Liverpool was my closest source for culture. I lived in a small, working class town that was (and is) lacking in any form of creative movement. So, to me, Liverpool became synonymous with creativity and open expression. That perception still stands with me today and, in fact, it grows more sharp every time I’m in Liverpool. I love the tapestries of the city; its mixed cultures and its colourful heritage. Out of everything, the thing that I love most about Liverpool is its autonomous, persistent and progressive dissident culture.

What would your superpower be? Either the ability to breathe underwater or the ability to fly.

Favourite local hangout? For coffee? Bold St. Coffee, of course. For ‘real’ drinks? It has to be The Shipping Forecast or East Village Arts Club. Then, for food, it’s Tokyou. Finally, to slake my thirst for books and music, it’s News From Nowhere, Reids of Liverpool, Probe Records and Dig Records.

Tell us a secret. I have seen S Club 7 in concert. The original line-up, at Manchester’s MEN arena, in their heyday.

Email: chrissscarr88[at]