Brian Sayle

Brian Sayle

Profession: Record dealing, photographing entrepreneur.

Tell us about you. I’m a vegan who is 15 years older than he looks, who has been taking photographs in either  weird, cool or interesting places for the last 7 years. One time obsessive record collector until I ran out of cash.

What inspires you? People who do interesting things that are still of interest to others many years later, and Papillon.

What do you love about Liverpool? Grade 2 listed buildings, the local support bands are often better than the touring headline act, and how friendly people can be towards others.

What would your superpower be? Be able to see around corners.

Favourite local hangout? A gig when some cool bands are playing, Egg Cafe, or that old cantilever bridge by the Tobacco Warehouse (even if it has lost some character since they painted it grey).

Tell us a secret. I found one of them 20 pence coins with no date on in my change a while back.