Bhavani Esapathi

Bhavani Esapathi

Profession: Digital Innovation Consultant for Creatives.

Tell us about you: Lives and breathes everything digital. Borderline technology addict. Make a living creating experimental digital projects and helping organisations do the same.

What inspires you? Conversations. Sometimes the most simplest dialogue can create the idea of an era.

What do you love about where you live? London, good coffee and even better museums and galleries. What more could you ask for?

Favourite local hangout? Timberyard at Leicester Sq. Amazing co-working space for coffee snobs.

What would your superpower be? My friends joke that I’m invincible so I’ll have to go with that considering how many times I have fallen and rise to the top again.

Tell us a secret.  I did not go to school and no, neither was I home schooled.

Twitter: @bhaesa

Facebook: bhaesa

Instagram: @bhaesa