Angela Tait

Angela Tait

Profession: Sculptor, PhD researcher, university lecturer and general tinkerer.

Tell us about you: I’m a happy soul. I live and work in the North West sharing my time between singing loudly in my pottery studio, and lecturing at the University of Salford. I take on far too much and have difficulty with the word ‘no’.

What inspires you? Cardboard boxes, rolls of coloured tape, odd socks, boxes of coloured satin ribbons, people who wear wacky shoes, and an occasional amazing student (cheesy but true).

What do you love about where you live? I live 20 minutes from the city and 20 seconds from an empty hillside.

What’s your favourite local hangout? Anywhere with excellent coffee and art… My favourite day out is to Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

What would your superpower be? I’d really like instant recall; the ability to translate what’s on the tip of my tongue into actual words.

Tell us a secret. I have a black belt in karate.

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