Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson

Profession: Early retired/voluntary redundant librarian.

Tell us about you. I’m someone who is now looking for interesting things to do and write about. So far I’ve developed my storytelling skills; volunteered for the Giant Sea Odyssey, Writing on the Wall Festival and Biennial 2012; set up and help run an Art Discussion Club; and write for Art in Liverpool. I plan to write a blog.

What inspires you? Liverpool people who work creatively in their local communities and do amazing things with no fuss or grand gestures.

What do love about Liverpool? Even though I’ve lived here all my life I keep finding hidden gems, my favourite being the view from New Ferry across to Liverpool & Otterspool.

What would your superpower be? Ability to fly.

Favourite local hangout? Dojo on the top floor of 13 Hope St on a Monday night when the 5 Rhythm Dance class is in full flow.

Tell us a secret. I once rode my motorbike through Norris Green Library.