Andrew Foulds

Andrew Foulds

Profession: Artist

Tell us about you: Crawled out of St Helens to go to university in Leeds, some years later I somehow found myself on this side of the Pennines again. I paint, write, make crudely constructed objects and would like to build a cathedral one day.

What inspires you? Things that are so massive, they’re difficult to comprehend, even if on appearance’s they may be tiny; and using too many words to describe stuff.

What do you love about Liverpool? Grey skies and vivid sunsets. The wind. Dock road. The ever-present and unchanging potential.

What would your superpower be? To alleviate blemishes, sprains, mild-constipation, apathy and other minor ailments.

Favourite local hangout? I don’t know, where’s yours?

Tell us a secret. You may think I’m listening, but actually I’m not. (keep checking it’s coming soon)