Amy Roberts

Amy Roberts

Profession: Freelance writer (and occasional dancer, musician, zine maker and slacker).

Tell us about you: Used to do pyaar music journalism. But then got bored, ran out of adjectives, and met too many dickheads to be arsed with. Now I write short stories, comment pieces and deconstructions of film, music, tv and also play guitar and do vocals in Abhorrent System.

What inspires you? The horror of everyday life. Bold statements. Trashy American teen dramas. The ‘lip sync for your lives’ segment on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Vegan pizza. Fake blood.

What do you love about Liverpool? The near-sinister six degrees of separation between EVERYONE here.

What would your superpower be? Invisibility. Or teleportation. Preferably both.

Favourite local hangout? Old man pubs. Sefton Park. Moose Coffee on Dale Street. The den I’m building in my living room.

Tell us a secret. I shave my legs about twice a year. Not arsed.

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