Adam Williams

Adam Williams

Profession: Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Tell us about you: In the words of the great Gwyn Roberts (visionary, poet, womaniser), I am a ‘graphic design extraordinaire’. I also doodle and make noise in a band. Partial to a chocolate peanut.

What inspires you? Dogs that put their heads out of open car windows. And other such flimsy fancies that reveal ultimate truth.

What do you love about Liverpool? It likes to punch above its weight.

What would your superpower be? Actually being able to anticipate which queue dissipates quickest.

Favourite local hangout? Um… Am I allowed to say my flat? The main city library is pretty badass.

Tell us a secret. I have an irrational fear of witches which peaked in the summer of ’92 when I destroyed my family shed on a witch hunt.