Reservoir Dogs with Keitel and Buscemi

Culture Diary w/c 18-02-13

Monday – Reservoir Dogs 8.30pm @ FACT A retrospective of Quentin Tarantino’s career to date begins tonight at FACT with the movie that started it all. When Reservoir Dogs showed at Sundance in...

Casablanca @ the bombed out church

Culture Diary w/c 11-02-13

Monday – Indie Film Night with Kevin Smith’s Clerks 6.15pm @ FACT When Kevin Smith made Clerks almost two decades ago, reputedly for a relative shoestring $27,575, it quickly became held up as...

Glam! The Performance of Style @ Tate Liverpool

Culture Diary w/c 04-02-13

Monday – The Punk Syndrome plus Q&A 6.30pm @ FACT Documentary The Punk Syndrome focuses on Finnish band Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, whose memebrs – Pertti, Kari, Toni and Sami – happen to have learning...

Elena, Discover Tuesday @ FACT

Culture Diary w/c 28-01-13

Monday – Pause 01 11pm @ The Shipping Forecast £3 on the door before 11.30, £4 after The first in a brand new monthly UK Garage and old-skool house night for Liverpool, Pause sets...

©National Trust Images/Edward Chambré Hardman Collection

Culture Diary w/c 21-01-13

Monday – Fear And Desire 9pm @ FACT Fear And Desire, about soldiers trapped behind enemy lines, has never been an easy film to get hold of. Primarily because Stanley Kubrick’s debut feature...

Bird Sheet Music @ Tate Liverpool on Sunday

Culture Diary w/c 14-01-13

Tuesday – Jiro Dreams of Sushi 8.30pm @ FACT Jiro Ono is the 85 year old master chef at a 10-seater sushi restaurant, secreted away in an underground station in Tokyo.  The clue...

Melancholia, starring Kirsten Dunst

Culture Diary w/c 07-01-13

Monday – Guided Tours at Tate Liverpool 2.40pm @ Tate Liverpool FREE With changing, often blockbuster exhibitions during the year at Tate Liverpool, it’s often all too easy to focus on the big...

Gremlins, Thursday @ FACT

Culture Diary w/c 17-12-12

Monday – Natalie McCool Dust & Coal single pre-release Taken from her forthcoming debut album, Dust & Coal is a further example of the sophisticated and multi-layered pop we’ve come to expect as...

Winter Sparks

Culture Diary w/c 10-12-12

Monday – The Imposter 8.45pm @ FACT Winner of best documentary at the 2012 British independent film awards, director Bart Layton’s conman exposé, The Imposter, earns another run-out at FACT this evening. A documentary...