NHK' Koyxen @ the Blade Factory

Culture Diary w/c 15-04-13

Monday – The Evil Dead 9pm @ FACT The feature movie debut of Sam Raimi from 1981, The Evil Dead has traveled the road from infamy (as part of the ’80s Video Nasty...

Beth Orton

Culture Diary w/c 08-04-13

Tuesday – For Ellen 6pm @ FACT Starring Paul Dano (a firm TDN favourite) as Joby Taylor, a struggling musician whose life is spiraling out of his control, the Ellen of the title (played here...

Hookworms Thursday @ Camp and Furnace

Culture Diary w/c 01-04-13

Monday – #INDIENIGHT 8pm @ Studio 2, Parr Street Studios FREE Indie; who knows what it even means these days, but Studio 2 @ Parr St. are putting their own spin on things...

Side By Side, the inaugural screening at Darkness Into Light

Culture Diary w/c 25-03-13

Monday – Tony Teardrop 8pm @ the Bombed out church £10-£16 Following the cancellation of performances due to the unseasonal snow, Tony Teardrop is back from today at St. Luke’s ‘bombed out’ Church....

Philip Pullman's I Was A Rat!

Culture Diary w/c 18-03-13

Monday – Wild Nothing 7.30pm @ the Kazimier £8 Shoegaze, dream-pop, call it what you will; whatever ‘it’ is, Wild Nothing have it in abundance. First single, 2009′s Summer Holiday (taken from 2010′s...

Particle Velocity, Tues/Weds at the Playhouse

Culture Diary w/c 11-03-13

Monday – Stornoway 8pm @ the Kazimier £13 If drawing unfair and lazy comparisons to Mumford and Sons – yes there are pianos and organs involved – Oxford quartet Stornoway evoke none of the repellent...

Pam Grier in Jackie Brown

Culture Diary w/c 04-03-13

Monday – Two Sunsets: Venetian Skies/Sandunes  Phil Bridges and Sean Butler are the Wirral-based duo behind Two Sunsets, celebrating their debut release today. Describing their sound as “almost overly exposed and out of focus” (you’ll...

Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby

Culture Diary w/c 25-02-13

Monday – Liverpool Lift-Off Film Festival various venues The Lift-Off Film Festival was founded in London two years ago by independent filmmakers Ben Pohlman and James Alexander, as a means of promoting “raw...

Reservoir Dogs with Keitel and Buscemi

Culture Diary w/c 18-02-13

Monday – Reservoir Dogs 8.30pm @ FACT A retrospective of Quentin Tarantino’s career to date begins tonight at FACT with the movie that started it all. When Reservoir Dogs showed at Sundance in...