Tracing the century, Tate Liverpool

Culture Diary w/c 12-11-12

Tuesday - Happy, Happy 6pm @ FACT Directed by Anne Sewitsky, this 2010 Norwegian film, while dressed as (an at times surreal) farce, takes a good look at the lies we tell ourselves to...


Culture Diary w/c 05-11-12

Monday - Nosferatu with live score by Minima 6.30pm @ FACT FW Murnau’s 1922 interpretation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula was the first time anybody saw a Vampyre on screen – one can only surmise...

Psycho at FACT

Culture Diary w/c 29-10-12

Tuesday – The Loneliness of The Long Distance Runner 7.30pm @ Liverpool Playhouse £12/£21 Based on the short story of the same name by author Alan Sillitoe (Saturday and Night Sunday Morning), The...

Turner Monet Twombly: later paintings @ Tate Liverpool

Culture Diary w/c 22-10-2012

Monday – Dig! 6.30pm @ FACT Winner of the Documentary Grand Jury Prize at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, Dig! is the real life story of friendship and professional rivalry between Portland bands The...

Stories From An Invisible Town Liverpool Playhouse Studio

Culture Diary w/c 15-10-12

Monday – The Cubical: On The Weekend Taken from the album Arise Conglomerate (out 19th Nov), On The Weekend is the lead single and raucous hymn to the behaviour we allow ourselves once...

shut up and play the hits

Culture Diary w/c 08-10-12

Monday – Sleepy Hollow 8.40pm @ FACT The final film in FACT’s The World of Tim Burton season, Sleepy Hollow is one of the macabre director’s quiet triumphs, sometimes forgotten amidst the likes...

The 39 Steps (1935)

Culture Diary w/c 01-10-12

Tuesday – The Horse Loom 7.30pm @ Bold Street Coffee £donation The Horse Loom is the solo project of Northumbrian guitarist and singer Steve Malley. Described as “the most unique marriage between British...

Michael Lacey, Explorers, Arena Gallery

Culture Diary w/c 24-09-12

Monday – Beetlejuice 8.45pm @ FACT Of the entire Tim Burton canon, Beetlejuice is perhaps correctly considered the passion project. His breakout movie, it is the film which introduced Burton’s brand of macabre...

Alfred Hitchcock's The Lodger

Culture Diary w/c 17-09-12

Monday – Edward Scissorhands 8.30pm @ FACT If one film stands above all others as the archetypal Tim Burton movie, perhaps it is Edward Scissorhands. Starring Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder (Burton’s ideal...