Cherie Grist, WCS studio space

Homeland – Previewed


Home sweet home? We head down to Wolstenholme Creative Space to find out… A homeland is a birthplace, an environment, a sanctuary. The word can also evoke a feeling of place and belonging;...

Spiel Autumn

Artist of the Month: Michael Cottage


Erotic illustration, poster art and comic strips – all in a day’s work for our Artist of the Month Michael Cottage… The thing that strikes you about Michael Cottage is just how unassuming...

Museum of Liverpool

Liverpool Reawakened


Andrew Foulds assesses the state of the Liverpool Art Scene post Capital of Culture. Is it all doom-and-gloom or a mere blip in the continued renaissance of Liverpool as an art city? In...

Ceri Hand Gallery

The Big Interview: Ceri Hand


On the eve of Ceri Hand’s final show in Liverpool, Andrew Foulds caught up with the gallerist to find out her thoughts on the future of Liverpool, its artist practitioners and the importance...


The Living and The Dead: Paintings and Sculpture – Previewed


This Friday, The Walker opens its doors to one of ‘Liverpool’s Sons’… Friday sees the Walker Art Gallery play host to the first major retrospective of the works of Liverpool born artist, John...

Kiki Smith Pool of Tears

Alice in Wonderland at Tate – Reviewed


Rachael Jones pursues the white rabbit into the gallery and comes up smiling… 2012 marks 150 years since Lewis Carroll (or Charles Dodgson, if you prefer) thought up Alice in Wonderland on a...

Fear of The Future

The Stars Our Destination?


Marking FACT’s Republic of The Moon exhibition, C. James Fagan ponders our appetite for the future as envisioned by previous generations… The opening of Arthur C Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, tells the...

Revolution 1911

Radical Futures


Lesley Taker looks back at our Summers of Discontent and asks: how did the city’s art scene embrace the anarchic power of 100 years of Liverpool Radicalism?  Liverpool is one of Britian’s most...

Leonid Tishkov

Republic of The Moon – Reviewed


Does FACT’s new exhibition have the right stuff, or were we left howling at the moon? Our fascination with the moon is as old as time itself. Unlike the life-giving sun, our relationship...