Detail of Gordon Cheung’s Neon Shadows (2006)

A Private Affair: Personal Collections of Contemporary Art


Linda Pittwood visits Preston’s Harris Museum & Gallery and asks: what art could you live with and revisit day after day? Fighting the Friday night traffic to escape from Liverpool, we battle through...

TedxMerseyside 2012

TEDxMerseyside – The New Futurism


C James Fagan ponders the wisdom in debates around The New Futurism. Around since the 80s, TED began life as a conference bringing people together from the worlds of technology, entertainment and design....

We Colonised the Moon, Gallery 2, FACT

Out of This World: Kosmica at FACT


Jon Davies hopes for a stellar evening; a quartet of female speakers his guides… Since mid-December FACT has exhibited Republic of the Moon, a series of lunar inspired artworks, augmented by cult sci-fi film...

Mogadishu, Liverpool Playhouse

Mogadishu – Reviewed


Rachael Jones on a play for our times, but can it live up to its reputation… Following stints at the Lyric Hammersmith and Manchester Royal Exchange, Vivienne Frantzmann’s debut play Mogadishu arrives at the...

Iona Kewney

Iona Kewney & Joseph Quimby


C James Fagan finds himself left almost dumbstruck by a performance demonstrating the incredible potential of the human form… Part of the programme accompanying Gina Czarnecki’s retrospective exhibition, and featuring in the exhibition...

Oliver Braid: My Five New Friends

Oliver Braid: My Five New Friends


For 18 months, artist Oliver Braid has been on a mission; aiming to become friends with the five most attractive male undergraduates from Glasgow School of Art, documenting each relationship, sparing none of...

Departure Lounge, Unity Theatre

Departure Lounge – Previewed


Laura Brown is put in mind of Club 18-30 in a LIPA led production at the Unity Theatre… An airport waiting lounge is never a particularly happy place. You’ll note they didn’t film...

Richard Simpkin

Richard Simpkin and Simone Lueck: Richard & Famous – Reviewed


Les Roberts takes in the Open Eye Gallery’s latest exhibition and finds, for some, 15 minutes of fame could never be enough… I’m no fan of the celebrity culture that continually attacks the...

Alan Yentob

The Big Interview: Alan Yentob


Creative Director of the BBC and John Moores Painting Prize judge, Alan Yentob, takes time out to talk Freud, Liverpool, and a challenging year for the arts… The Double Negative: How did you...