OutsiderXchanges: Leslie Thompson 2016

“The very nature of the outsider is questioned”: OutsiderXchanges — Reviewed


Tom Emery on the OutsiderXchanges exhibition: where learning disabled and non-learning disabled artists collaborate and exhibit with equal billing. But does it do enough to banish the tired and problematic tropes of Outsider Art? Setting...

A disintegrating exhibition poster. Edward Krasiński’s studio apartment, Warsaw, Poland, 2016

“IT intervenes IN and unmasks EVERYTHING. IT exists” — Into The Studio: Edward Krasiński, Warsaw


Ahead of his major retrospective opening this week at Tate Liverpool, we visit the lovingly preserved former studio and home of Polish artist Edward Krasiński — uncovering ostrich eggs, VAT receipts, blue Scotch tape, toy mice,...

Rogue Artist Studios: Jenny Steele, Over and Over, Jump In!

Jumping Into The Unknown: What Next For Rogue Studios?


It’s a familiar story of increasing city-centre gentrification. But where does it leave one more arts space facing eviction? Daniel McMillan speaks to the artists of Rogue, Manchester, about paving the way for expensive...

Night in the Museum: Ryan Gander Curates the Arts Council Collection

“What would art say if it spoke?” — The Big Interview: Ryan Gander


Ryan Gander talks us through his curation of the Arts Council Collection’s 70th anniversary show, Night in the Museum — where the artworks gaze back… In Ryan Gander’s current exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture...

Artist William Titley’s ongoing project Demolition Street

“Unveiling the sediments of a lost landscape”: William Titley’s Demolition Street


A collection of door knobs. Unclaimed mail. An ironing board. Through recording the evacuation of one Lancashire community, finds Steve Millington, the artist William Titley has made permanent a series of internal displacements, and the...

Flour Tables by artist Audrey Cottin and illustrator Simon Turner, for Liverpool Biennial 2016

Happy Bath Island & Other Stories: A Liverpool Biennial Comic Strip Part II


Liverpool Biennial artist Audrey Cottin has invited the general public to tell stories using a simple installation of flour and dough. Illustrator Simon Turner has been on hand to translate the in-parts poignant, funny...

Personal Matters and Public Affairs (2015) Video still, performance lecture. Hedwig Houben’s Others and I, Spike Island. All images courtesy Hedwig Houben and Galerie Fons Welters

Bristol Overview: Emotional Archaeology @ Arnolfini; Others and I, And Instructions For Use of Jiří Kolář @ Spike Island


C. James Fagan sees three exhibitions across four sites in Bristol, provoking thought on memory, parental love, and the “geometry of love”… Ever feel like a ghost? I’m having one of those moments. At...

Frieze London 2016 Hauser & Wirth

“Be very afraid! Hedge fund woes!”: Frieze Art Fair 2016 — Overview


Re-enactment, fictional artist’s studios and the power of the pound: Jacob Charles Wilson finds that Frieze Art Fair is still calling the shots in today’s multifaceted international art market… This year, Frieze Art Fair...

Chinca-Dinh Q. Lê-slider

“Disorientating films… Desperate inhumanity”: Dinh Q. Lê’s The Colony — Reviewed


Jacob Charles Wilson analyses Dinh Q. Lê’s latest video installation: a post-colonial battleground buried deep (literally and metaphorically) in thousands of years of shit… It seems unfair that the word colony should be shared between...