St Helens College: Helena Denholm

Acknowledging Future Talent: Class Of 2016 Goes Live


Inspired by our annual article, Class of 2016: The North-West’s Top Fine Art Graduates Revealed, the featured artists — nominated by their tutors — have teamed up to put on their own exhibition!...

David Ferry. Henry VII (detail). Faces and Places

The Dead King In The Car Park, David Ferry, And His Cutting Knife


In his new photomontage exhibition The Invader’s Guide to the British Isles, David Ferry revels in the historical inaccuracies of picture books, Hollywood blockbusters, BBC comedies and Shakespeare, finds Stephen Clarke… The body...

Flour Tables by artist Audrey Cottin and illustrator Simon Turner, for Liverpool Biennial 2016

Greetings From Party Town & Other Stories: A Liverpool Biennial Comic Strip


“Uncover the city’s unconscious”: Inspired by Margaret Lowenfeld and Dora Kalff’s “sand-play” therapy, Liverpool Biennial artist Audrey Cottin has invited the general public to tell stories using a simple installation of flour and dough. Illustrator...

Ian Cheng, Something Thinking of You, 2015. Installation view at Hondo Chinese Supermarket for Liverpool Biennial 2016. Photo: Mark McNulty

“Struggling to connect the dots”: Liverpool Biennial’s Chinatown Episode — Reviewed


Sampling Sichuan cuisine amongst time-travelling sea monsters, bathers, and a Pokémon-Go-style app, Katrina Houghton hopes for an insight into Chinatown’s slow and expansive evolution at Liverpool Biennial 2016. But does it deliver? Liverpool’s been a...

Utopia Deferred exhibition: Mandy Payne, Looking Forward Looking Back

Utopia Deferred? Paul Collinson & Mandy Payne On Depicting The Perfect World


An impossible dream, or an ideal worth striving for? To mark Corke Gallery’s Utopia Deferred exhibition, C. James Fagan speaks to two of the exhibiting painters about the concept of paradise… Painter Paul...

Work: Teddy Gray's confectionery manufacturer, by Martin Parr (2010)

In Pictures: Martin Parr’s Work And Leisure


To mark their new Martin Parr exhibition, Firstsite’s Director Sally Shaw interprets his unique satirical take on British culture; spanning 40 years and 300 photographs, and documenting the underbelly of British life before...

Live Import/Live Export: Whiskey Chow. All images courtesy Jesse Shen 2016

“He is naked and covered in paint, like a living De Kooning”: Live Import/Live Export — Reviewed


At Liverpool Biennial Fringe, and bombarded by a throng of artists, C. James Fagan tries to differentiate between performances in a hot and cavernous Victorian reservoir… It’s humid, and I’m sweaty. These are my twin concerns as...

Krzysztof Wodiczko at FACT, for Liverpool Biennial 2016. Photo courtesy Rob Battersby

“Nervously looking forward”: Liverpool Biennial’s Flashback Episode — Reviewed


Toying with the past whilst tied to a painful present: Maja Lorkowska reviews one of Liverpool Biennial’s six episodes and finds war veterans, celestial beings and young protesters… If art’s role is to challenge rigid definitions,...

Wasteland, Comapagnie Dakar / Lotte van den Berg. Malta Festival, Poland. Photo. Maciej Zakrzewski

“If we don’t defend life it becomes without value” — The Big Interview: Lotte van den Berg, Malta Festival


Making theatre that questions our passive roles in society, politics, and life itself, Lotte van den Berg is no stranger to provocative arts production. She speaks to Emma Sumner about violence, Brexit, and getting...