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Continuing the GRADSHOWCASE series devised by Craig Oldham, today is the turn of Lee Davies, Creative Director at Peter & Paul, to select his Pro Picks of 2020′s graduates…

Meghna Saji, Coventry University 

What struck me about Meghna’s work was the variety – the three projects Craig shared all seemed to have their own thing going on. Click through to Meghna’s website and you get something different again – a navigation choice that’s full of personality and uniquely her. Great stuff!

Lush- instagram

Good Branding - Twitter

Patrick Dalloway, Nottingham Trent University 

Patrick’s stuff is really accomplished. I thought I was looking at someone who’d been working in industry for a few years! The Boys Don’t Cry work is really well put together and the moving image stuff is great too. He looks like he’d slot into a studio really easily.

BDC 1320x660

Kobe 1320x660

Anna Lura, Falmouth University 

Intentionally or not, the work Anna shared was really mysterious and made me want to know more. Looking at her portfolio you see loads of interesting little moments in her work – experiments, work in progress, etc. You don’t always know what you’re looking at… in a really good way.

Anna Lura –Instagram post png

Anna Lura_ Instagram Story

Georgia May Holden, University of Lincoln 

I like identity work that doesn’t just slap the logo on stuff but actually uses it as part of the idea. Georgia’s project was an identity for something called ‘Hop’. When you click through to find out what Hop actually is, it makes the identity system really come into its own. It’s perfect.

440 x 220

440 x 2202

Lee Davies / Peter & Paul

Lee Davies is Creative Director at Peter & Paul, a Sheffield based brand, film and digital agency. Their projects cover sectors like music, arts & culture, education and the built environment with clients like The London Mayors office, Warp Films, The V&A and The Science Museum Group.

Craig Oldham

The Office Of Craig Oldham is the eponymous practice of designer and creative consultant Craig Oldham.


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