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For the latest in a new series overseen by Craig Oldham showcasing the best in design from 2020′s graduates, Dorothy’s James Quail steps up to the plate with his Pro Picks…

Amy Haselden, University of Huddersfield

There’s something that I really like about this – and it’s beyond the nice graphics (which are dead nice by the way, I like them a lot) I really like that this really happened, a place where people can come together and create and learn – that’s very exciting – and the description of a place “born from a passion to explore creativity without the stigma of making mistakes.” Well, that’s just exciting isn’t it.

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Claire Dillon, Limerick School of Art and Design 

This work is so funny and engaging and interesting, the language is so natural it’s like a chat with a good friend – that it draws you in and gets you to listen to what it has to say. Check out the Dear Liary – An Ode to the completely normal family – exploring white lies at home, it’s so good – I want to read it all.



Harry Wakefield, Manchester School of Art, MMU 

I really like the exploration of new words – it’s a project that feels so relevant now, in this weird age that we’re living in language is changing all the time, it’s fascinating and it’s great to see it being documented. And it looks so good too. Ace work.



Molly Davies, University of Salford 

I love the one Welsh word a day project, I’d be keen to learn a new word a day – it makes learning look fresh and fun!

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Zakk Haslam, University of Huddersfield

Folklore for Modern Folk – the idea of a seemingly mundane book which is changed into something else entirely by annotations, marginalia and inserts is really subversive and lovely. The ‘everyday’ is often so filled with wonder and beauty when you look at it in a different way. I’m really impressed with the presentation movies as well, they look super-slick. Nice.

James Quail / Dorothy, Liverpool

Hi I’m Jim from Dorothy, we’re a Liverpool (Baltic Triangle) based studio who produce self-initiated conceptual prints and artworks. It took me ages to find a job after graduation – but the most important thing I did was to stay proactive and passionate. I think the best thing I did when I graduated was to email my design heroes and try to show them my portfolio – it was a great experience meeting and learning from people whose work I admired. It also led to loads of new opportunities and contacts. While I was looking for a job, I kept making personal works and sharing them. Then when I got my first job, I kept making my own personal projects and sharing them. And now that’s what I do, I make my own projects and share them.

Craig Oldham

The Office Of Craig Oldham is the eponymous practice of designer and creative consultant Craig Oldham.


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