Get Your Crit Together! Book NOW For Our Next Event, Weds 20 June 2018


Miss group crits? Could really do with a critical friend? In a sensational fundraiser next month at The Royal Standard Gallery & Studios, we assemble a supergroup ready to support YOU with words of encouragement, advice and constructive feedback…

When? 5.30-10pm, Wednesday 20 June 2018.

Where? The Royal Standard Gallery & Studios, Northern Lights, Cains Brewery Village, 5 Mann Street, Baltic Triangle, Liverpool L8 5SD (SEE MAP). Our venue is fully wheelchair accessible.

Price? £10 per person; £8 for students/The Royal Standard studio members. Eventbrite ticket (BOOK HERE) includes one drink on arrival from our tasty cocktail bar, at least one surgery, and entrance into our social and pop-up exhibition.

What? Get Your Crit Together!  Words of encouragement, advice and constructive feedback from the teams behind The Royal Standard Gallery & Studios and The Double Negative online magazine!

Spend an evening talking to those who know more than a thing or two about producing and researching contemporary art events, exhibitions, fundraising, education, art writing and interpretation, and running creative businesses. Bring along your portfolio, works in progress, or any half-formed ideas and talk it all through in detail with us.

We are all based in Liverpool, super friendly, and between us have many years of experience in the arts.

You can:

- Book onto any or all of FOUR surgeries specialising in 1) art statements, writing, and interpretation; 2) collaboration, community and production; 3) curating and art direction; and 4) inclusivity, research and postgraduate study!

- Bring works on paper along on the night to our pop-up exhibition to show and discuss!

- Enjoy our cocktail bar and socialise with other artists, writers, curators, producers and makers – and maybe meet your next collaborator!

- AND know that all proceeds from this evening go to charity — towards making The Royal Standard’s artist-led studios the best it can be!

“This is for anyone working, or about to work, in the arts”

Who? This is for anyone working, or about to work, in the arts who is in need of encouragement, advice and constructive feedback. You can be at any stage in your career.

- Are you a third year student about to graduate and unsure of what to do next?

- Perhaps you’re writing about culture in some shape or form, but don’t know where to get published?

- Want to start planning an exhibition and need guidance?

- Will you be launching a new website soon, but worried it’s not saying what you need it to?

Whatever it is, if you miss the support of university group crits and are keen to chat about your ideas, projects and plans (no matter how tentative), this is for you.


Our Get Your Crit Together! Teams are:

Surgery 1) art statements, writing, and interpretation: editors and writers Laura Robertson and Mike Pinnington. They co-founded The Double Negative in 2011, which is a respected online art journal offering a platform for contemporary arts criticism and practice from across the UK. Mike is currently Tate Liverpool‘s content editor, and Laura is critical writer-in-residence at Open Eye Gallery, and a lecturer in Visual Arts at The University of Salford. Both have had their writing published internationally, including with Frieze, Elephant, Art Monthly and Mubi.

Surgery 2) collaboration, community and production: The Royal Standard directors Sufea Mohamad Noor and Becky Peach. Sufea Mohamad Noor is an interdisciplinary artist and cultural producer, with experience of diversity work and with young artists working with established institutions, including Tate Collective. Becky is an artist, facilitator, print assistant at the Bluecoat print studios, and an advocate of arts for health.

Surgery 3) curating and art direction: The Royal Standard director Joe Cotgrave and studio member James Harper. Joe is a Queer artist, creating installations around gay culture, including about HIV, cruising and masculinity. James is a Liverpool-based artist, curator and writer. He is curator at Tŷ Pawb, a new multi-faceted cultural centre in Wrexham.

Surgery 4) inclusivity, research and postgraduate study: The Royal Standard directors Emma Curd and Dr Jade French. Emma is currently completing her final year of practice-led PhD research at Liverpool School of Art and Design at Liverpool John Moores University. Entitled ‘Developing The People’s Glossary; The inclusion of community voices toward the user-led Museum 3.0′, Emma has undertaken her research at Tate Liverpool, mima and Tŷ Pawb. Dr Jade French is a Visiting Research Fellow in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies at the University of Leeds. Jade’s forthcoming monograph is called’Inclusive Curating in Contemporary Art: A Practical Guide’, and she is currently researching inclusive studio models for artists with additional needs, as part of the International Curator’s Residency at Firestation Studios in Dublin.

“Bring along anything you want to discuss in whatever form – you decide how to spend your time with us”

How? Surgeries: you will be able to book onto these when you arrive at The Royal Standard for the event, from 5.30pm. If you are worried about the timing of slots or need to leave the night early, you can get in touch with the team (contacts below) to book beforehand. There will be a very limited number of surgery slots running throughout the night, so please arrive promptly to avoid disappointment!

Each surgery session lasts for 30 minutes, and you’ll be at the table with three other people seeking support, plus two from our teams; this is to encourage networking and knowledge sharing. You can book onto one or more surgeries, it’s up to you! Bring along anything you want to discuss in whatever form (laptop, tablet, hard copy portfolio) – you decide how to spend your time with us. Slots are:








Pop-up exhibition: speak to our team on arrival, who will help you hang your works on paper. Please bring drawings, posters, poems, reviews, prints, photographs, postcards – anything on paper that will be a conversation starter. You are responsible for the work and for taking the work away at the end of the evening. If in doubt, please contact us in advance (see below).

Social: If you have a gap between surgeries there’ll be plenty of people to talk to and share experiences with in our social space, where the party will be going from 5.30pm until 10pm. The Royal Standard’s shop will also be open, showcasing artwork and zines from artists past and present and there will also be a (cheap) bar. Meet new people, chat, and feel the support!

Why? We are a group of artists, writers, curators and producers who like working together, seeing new work, and think supporting people in the arts is really important. This is also a fundraising event for The Royal Standard, charity number 1152968. All proceeds from this evening go towards making the artist-led studios the best it can be.


Any questions? Email, subject heading “Get Your Crit Together!”

Or tweet us @Royal_Standard @TheDbleNgtve

Design by Emma Curd

Posted on 31/05/2018 by thedoublenegative