Playlist: Kick Ass Women On Tour This Spring


Listen up, Britain! Laura Robertson makes a list of the sheroes kicking ass and taking names across the UK during April and May…

Goat Girl

Goat Girl named themselves after Bill Hicks’ porn-loving, grimy alter-ego, Goat Boy. That should tell you about their general attitude and also the swagger that they bring to a live show: glossy, sexy, modern punk, honed on the Brixton pub scene. Dropping their debut (self-titled) album tomorrow through Rough Trade with a live signing (06/04), their tour continues across the UK until Brighton later on next month (17-19/05).


Why is GIRLI not at the top of every chart right now? God knows – because current single Play It Cool is an absolutely pop banger. Try to imagine Avril Lavigne and Kate Tempest having a punch up jeered on by Missy Elliot. But then again, don’t. Just revel in acid pink tonight in Bristol (05/04) and loads of other UK venues including Cardiff (14/04).

Dua Lipa

Current single IDGAF stands for “I don’t give a fuck”. Yes, you heard: Dua Lipa doesn’t give a fuck about you, or your pathetic excuses, because she doesn’t need your love. She also wears a remarkable collection of power suits in this music video, which is now how I want to dress, forever. See her in Glasgow (12/04) and a handful of other places including London (20/04). 

“Hitting notes that pierce right through that ice cold heart of yours, this is top-form Jane Weaver, right here”

Jane Weaver

Hitting notes that pierce right through that ice cold heart of yours, this is top-form Jane Weaver, right here. Weaver has resurrected her career again and again, embracing multiple projects and collaborations since she was signed to Polydor as Kill Laura in the early ‘90s. I’ll end up catching her live – at UK venues from Oxford (05/04) to Wrexham (18/05) – if I can tear myself from listening to The Lightening Back on repeat.

Let’s Eat Grandma

Wielding a synthy keyboard with as much aplomb as Weaver, childhood mates Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth, aka Let’s Eat Grandma, are creating some headbanging pop tunes at the moment. New album I’m All Ears has been produced by The Horrors’ Faris Badwan, so expect dirty disco. Playing live tonight in Newcastle Upon Tyne (05/04) and then multiple venues including Brighton (17/05).

Hearts Ain't Gonna Lie by Arlissa

Courtney Barnett

I saw Courtney Barnett once in the auspicious surroundings of Prestatyn Pontins, which was kind of the last hurrah for my favourite music festival of all time, All Tomorrow’s Parties. I can still smell the damp in my nostrils when listening to Nameless, Faceless: its nonchalance really makes me wonder whether she was pondering those mercilessly cold and miserable chalets as she was writing it. I suppose I’ll never know. You can see Barnett yourself next month in Belfast (25/05) and Leeds (29/05)

Amelie Lens

Amelie Lens bleeds European cool: this little ditty is unadulterated techno from the Belgian club scene. Lash a metallic crop top on and some glitter, and get out on that dancefloor, people of Liverpool (13/04). London (26/05) and Glasgow (26/05).

“I Hate Giving You Everything sums up the worst, parasitic boyfriend you’ve ever told your mate to dump”


Arlissa was just 19 years old when her breakup song, Hard to Love Somebody, was picked up by megastar rapper Nas in 2012 and turned into a massive hit. 2017’s I Hate Giving You Everything sums up the worst, parasitic boyfriend you’ve ever told your mate to dump. See her in person this month from Glasgow (10/04), to Manchester (11/04) and London (17/04).

Jessica Lea Mayfield

This single, Wish You Could See Me Now, from last year’s album Sorry Is Gone may as well be called sorry, not sorry: the whole album charts her emergence from an abusive relationship. I think it’s the American drawl that delivers it so well – channelling other kick ass women from Bluegrass to Britpop. She’ll be in Manchester tomorrow (06/04) and other venues culminating in a London gig next week (11/04).

Laura Robertson, Editor

Images from top: GIRLI in a Mac cosmetics shoot; Hearts Ain’t Gonna Lie by Arlissa

Posted on 05/04/2018 by thedoublenegative