Greetings From Party Town & Other Stories: A Liverpool Biennial Comic Strip


“Uncover the city’s unconscious”: Inspired by Margaret Lowenfeld and Dora Kalff’s “sand-play” therapy, Liverpool Biennial artist Audrey Cottin has invited the general public to tell stories using a simple installation of flour and dough. Illustrator Simon Turner has been on hand to translate the in-parts poignant, funny and nonsensical results…

Issue 1: The Lake


Issue 2: Infinity Nursing Home


Issue 3: The World’s Best Thing


Issue 4: Greetings From Party Town


Laura Robertson, Editor

Fancy expressing yourself with flour and dough at one of Audrey Cottin’s Liverpool Biennial workshops? Join in on weekdays at 3pm; weekends 2/3/4pm;  or on request (minimum 3 participants). Venue:  Cains Brewery, Stanhope Street,  L8 5XJ; ask at front desk for participation details

Audrey Cottin (b. 1984,Saint-Mandé, France) lives in Brussels, Belgium. Inspired by Robert Filliou’s belief that “everybody is perfect”, Cottin has been searching for a perfect collaboration with people she encounters. Cottin’s work for Liverpool Biennial 2016 aims to “to uncover the city’s unconscious”. At Cains Brewery, visitors are invited to create objects, figures and landscapes with dough, whilst Liverpool-based illustrator and designer Simon Turner records the sessions. Cottin’s work harks back to a therapeutic method inspired by Swiss psychologist and philosopher Carl Jung and his theories on the psyche.

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