WATCH: The Double Negative On Channelling Your Inner Critic — Art For Hull

Watch artists, activists, designers, filmmakers, writers and cultural instigators – including our editor — talk about their work, origins and motivations…

Our editor Laura Robertson recently travelled to Hull to reflect on her own experiences of Liverpool 2008 Capital of Culture, ahead of Hull UK City of Culture 2017; and how the award played its part in the creation of a new, reactionary and independent press: The Double Negative. In Nourishment: Art Heads 2, hear Robertson spiritedly ask Hullians to channel their inner critics in the face of mass regeneration and cultural tourism, and highlight what she loves about the city (8:38 in).

Filmed at Union Mash-Up art space in Hull city centre, Robertson was one of 15 artists, activists, designers, filmmakers, writers and cultural instigators to speak at Nourishment throughout 2015: a monthly ‘doodlebug format’ programme for Creative Peoples and Places project Roots and Wings/Art For Hull. Imagined and delivered by Art For Hull’s irrepressible Project Manager Michael Barnes-Wynters, the sessions aimed to give insight into diverse creative practice from around the UK and spark discussion and analysis of activity closer to home.

Laura Robertson at Nourishment, Art For Hull, 2015

This edit features Jennifer Irons, an award-winning choreographer, dance artist, producer and project manager from Yukon Territory, Canada, now based in London, who discusses her dance and physical theatre company ironINC; political artist Jen Wu (4.31) on her significant clashes with authority whilst building community arts project The Salford Wall and protecting The Ark homeless shelter at All Saints Park, Manchester; and light artist Liz West (11.55), who creates vivid and sensory environments within physical and architectural spaces.

Read about the prestigious Hull paper factory Laura mentions in the film: G. F. Smith: 130 Years Of Excellence

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Posted on 02/02/2016 by thedoublenegative