Callout: Designer/Illustrator Wanted For Cabaret From The Shadows

Cabaret From The Shadows

Fancy designing for a touring bouffon troupe? Applications now welcome…

The Brief: INCA Collective is looking for a talented designer/illustrator to design a promotional campaign for their new touring show, Cabaret From The Shadows. This individual will be commissioned to design striking promotional material – including poster art and social media graphics, to be distributed online and in print — to promote six live Liverpool (UK) shows throughout 2016. The selected designer/illustrator will be paid £600.

The Collective

INCA Collective is an international ensemble of artists specialising in physical comedy and live performance. Carmen Arquelladas, Simone Tani (The Virgin and the Lamb / TedFest 2014), Miwa Nagai (Le Banquet / Tokyo Roppongi Art Night 2013), Duncan Cameron (Untitled Shakespeare / Prague Fringe Festival 2014) and Lee Shannon (Farucchio Peru is Extraordinaire / Physical Fest 2015) all met at the renowned Philippe Gaulier school in France (whose alumni boasts Helena Bonham Carter, Roberto Benigni and founder members of Theatre de Complicite). Forming INCA in 2014, they offer an electrifying blend of clowning, bouffon, live music, comedy and dance that focusses as much on the audience as it does the performers.

The Show: Cabaret From The Shadows

Out in the hills live a group of freaks and misfits; existing amongst the shadows, they’ve been cruelly chased away from the cities and towns they used to call home. These creatures are gifted with dark talents and uncomfortable truths to tell: gifts that have been nurtured from time spent on the edge of all things decent, good and moral. Once in a while – when the moon is full and wine flows – we allow these freaks back into the fold to entertain us… without realising, of course, that we laugh at our own, filthy reflections. For one night only, let devilry, illusion, mischief and merriment seize your very heart and soul at the Cabaret From The Shadows!

How to apply

Please email up to four images of your work, plus your website link, to, with the subject heading ‘Cabaret From The Shadows Callout’.

Deadline: 5pm Friday 11 December 2015.

Good luck!

See more from Cabaret From The Shadows on Twitter @cabaretshadows 

Posted on 17/11/2015 by thedoublenegative