Culture Diary w/c 20-07-2015

PICK OF THE WEEK: Indika Festival 7.30pm @ Capstone Theatre, Liverpool – £8

What’s hot this week? Our pick of the listings from around Liverpool and the rest of the UK…

Monday – Helen Marshall: Performing For The Camera 1pm @ Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool – FREE (Booking Required)

Mastery of the camera and the ability to capture one’s subject is no easy feat. That is why, to complement the display of Helen Marshall and Risang Yuwono’s Project Tobong, the Mersey Morris Men will be sharing their boundless knowledge in this inspiring workshop to provide a colourful and playful experience to demonstrate how to get the most out of a subject. Shooting with local performers, you will build up your own portfolio of work throughout the day.

Tuesday – Panel Discussion: Staging Painting 4pm @ Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), London — £6/£4 Concession

Featuring artists Cullinan Richards (a collaborative project between Jeanine Richards and Charlotte Cullinan), Andrew Bick, Milena Dragicevic and Alexis Teplin, tonight we examine each practitioner’s approach to painting through a series of discussions and presentations. In doing so, the practice of painting will be reimagined to uncover new ways of thinking about this most traditional of artistic mediums.

Wednesday – Queertet 2015 @ Unity Theatre, Liverpool – £12/£10 Concession

Now in its fourth year, the rainbow flag is flown at full mast in this three-day running event that showcases four of the best short LGBT plays by the latest up-and-coming theatrical talent. Kicking off Liverpool’s Pride season in riotous style, the plays include John Maines’ Pulse (a comic take on heroes and super villains), Staurt Crowther’s The F**k (a darkly erotic drama about love and desire), Franki Le-Voguer’s Bye (a rom-com about love at the most awkward of times) and Wes Williams’ Mate’s Rates (a rom-com following four friends in the aftermath of a party).

Exhibition Opening: Takehisa Kosugi: Spacings 11-5pm @ Ikon Gallery, Birmingham – FREE

Exhibition Opening: Takehisa Kosugi: Spacings 11-5pm @ Ikon Gallery, Birmingham – FREE

In this, the first major solo exhibition of pioneering Japanese composer and artist Takehisa Kosugi, we experience three exceptional experimental sound installations, one of which is newly created for Ikon itself. Associated with the 1960s Fluxus movement, Kosugi utilises wind, electricity and light in order to create and manipulate unique sonic relationships between objects – an imaginative creation that has afforded him recognition as one of the most influential artists of his generation.

Thursday – City As Resource: Artist Led Spaces 6.30-8pm @ The Bluecoat, Liverpool – FREE (Booking Required)

Ever felt the need for more independent artist initiatives? In an often institutionalised art scene, the originality and freedom of independent spaces can (sadly) be swamped. In remedy to this, tonight join Cactus, Model Liverpool, The Royal Standard, Crown Building Studios and A Small Cinema for an evening of knowledge sharing that will provide information and inspiration for setting up and running an artist led space.

Elsewhere Cinema Presents Time Of The Gypsies (1988) 7.30-10.30pm @ A Small Cinema, Liverpool – £3

Elsewhere Cinema Presents Time Of The Gypsies (1988) 7.30-10.30pm @ A Small Cinema, Liverpool – £3

A moving and spellbinding coming-of-age tale from Director Emir Kusturica, we follow the story of teenage orphan, Perhan, as the trails of manhood and love are foregrounded within the existence of a Romany family from Yugolavia. Yet as the story unfolds, the young protagonist discovers powers that set him apart from his travelling community.

Friday – Q&A With The Hook Director James Dacre 3-5pm @ Everyman Theatre, Liverpool – £5

Accompanying the acclaimed production of Arthur Miller’s The Hook at Liverpool’s favourite contemporary theatre, tonight join the play’s director, James Dacre, for an insightful discussion into his creative influences, the process of creation and the all-important historical period that influenced the production. The discussion will then be opened up to the audience affording an opportunity to ask questions about the production and the creative process behind it.

PICK OF THE WEEK: Indika Festival 7.30pm @ Capstone Theatre, Liverpool – Festival Pass £45/35; Or £8 Per Event

Celebrating the breadth and talent of Indian classical music and dance, some of India’s top performing artists – such as Sanjukta Sinha (main pic), The Great British Gharana, Doodles in the Dark, Samyo and Moring Raga – perform at the Capstone theatre for a week of exuberant performances. Kicking off the festivities tonight is a double bill of Indian classical music from Patri Satish, Ranajit & Kousic, showcasing mesmeric and electrifying melodies and rhythms.

Desktop Prosthetics by DoESLiverpool: Build Your Own: Tools for Sharing at FACT

Saturday – DoES: What’s Your Superpower? A Prosthetic Hack 12-4.30pm @ FACT, Liverpool – FREE

Maker and entrepreneur community, DoES Liverpool, host a special hackday to encourage exploration of the vast reach of prosthetic design as part of the current Build Your Own: Tools for Sharing exhibition. Learn how to co-design and prototype prosthetic hand designs and ask: what prosthetics could we make for unique users? Read our review here.

Sunday – Last Day: Conrad Shawcross: New Sculpture In The Gallery 11-4pm @ New Art Centre, Salisbury – FREE

This is your last chance to see one of the UKs most exciting and imaginative contemporary artists, Conrad Shawcross, in his first exhibition at the New Art Centre. Alongside new works, the exhibition will display a cast of one of Shawcross’ most fascinating sculptures, the mechanical, swirling Manifold 2 (9:8), which embodies complex philosophical and scientific theories that are central to all of his work.

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