F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror (1922) - new restoration

Nosferatu and the Early Achievements of Horror Cinema

Adam Scovell salutes a classic of the horror genre and the films that laid the groundwork for its success… In his excellent 2010 series, A History of Horror, Mark Gatiss stated that the...

Tim Marlow

The Big Interview: Tim Marlow

How important is painting in a century increasingly dominated by digital media? We spoke to White Cube gallery’s director of exhibitions and John Moores Prize 2014 judge Tim Marlow…   The Double Negative:...

@Tim Hetherington / Magnum Photos

Tim Hetherington:
You Never See Them Like This

A new exhibition of combat photographer Tim Hetherington’s work poses questions about our relationship with warfare. C James Fagan investigates… It’s odd to think that, indirectly, war has formed part of my life;...

Woody Allen

There’s Something about Woody

Woody Allen fan waiting with trepidation for the release of Blue Jasmine? You’re not alone… “New York was his town, and it always would be…” Whenever I think, read or hear about Woody...

Oscar Bustillo

Field Trip: Welcome to Miami, USA

After time spent in the UK, Miami native José Carlos Diaz describes a weekend back on home turf… Summertime in Miami tends to flow into the autumn without much notice; the humidity, beating sun,...

Live_Transmission (Joy Division Reworked)_Sydney Opera House 1 ©Prudence Upton

Joy Division Reworked

Is it ever possible to do the memory of a much-loved band justice? We spoke to a man who is part of an ambitious project seeking to do just that… There are some...


Richard Creed: Spirit Body and Don Juan’s Hut

Kate Murray’s essay on painter Rick Creed reflects on two paintings that define the artist’s practice… Walking into Richard Creed’s studio I find canvases… Creed’s studio is overflowing with canvases. The majority of the...

D7606 by P3dro

Street Art Confidential

Photographer Peter Goodbody keeps a lookout for changes to the urban environment, a practice that’s led him to spot a pair of artists specialising in paste-ups… I’ve always thought of street artists as...

Ming Wong, After Chinatown @ the Cornerhouse

Culture Diary w/c 16-09-13

Monday – The London Design Festival @ various venues across the city (London) Launched last Saturday, The London Design Festival gets into full swing this week; celebrating its 10th anniversary, 2013′s installment squeezes in an impressive...