Venice Biennale 2013 — In Pictures

Romanian Retrospective. Photo courtesy Peter Goodbody

Photographer Peter Goodbody walks us through his Venice Biennale… starting with Alexandra Pirici and Manuel Pelmuş’ performative celebration of the biennale (above), The Romanian Pavilion

Bridge of Sighs. Photo courtesy Peter Goodbody

Above: Sailing under The Bridge of Sighs


Il Palazzo Enciclopedico (or “The Encyclopedic Palace”), the title for this year’s grand exhibition — “the idea of Marino Auriti that he could build a (very) tall building that would house all of the knowledge in the world.”


Light sculptures abound in New Zealand artist Bill Culbert’s exhibition Front Door Out Back


Myths and legends from painter and sculptor Entang Wiharso, The Indonesia Pavilion


The Bang installation from Ai Weiwei: 886 traditional Chinese stools handmade by craftsmen


Rudolph Stingel exhibits paintings from collections around the world, over walls covered in carpet, at the Palazzo Grassi

Tea in the British Pavilion. Photo courtesy Peter Goodbody

“About 3,000 cups of free tea were being served in the British Pavilion every day.”

All photographs courtesy Peter Goodbody

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