Liverpool Art Prize 2013: Tabitha Moses

Ahead of the Liverpool Art Prize 2013 opening this Thursday, we speak to shortlisted artist and Bridewell Studios member Tabitha Moses …

An artist best described as a “collector, a rag and bone archivist of the peripheral”, Tabitha Moses works textiles into intricate sculptures and installations, inspired by personal stories and histories. Last year she exhibited work in Portsmouth, London, Leeds and in Greece, and a solo show, Threshold: The Sublime Skin, at the Victoria Gallery & Museum, Liverpool.

Hi Tabitha! Congratulations on being shortlisted for the Liverpool Art Prize! How does it feel? 

Thank you. It feels great. I’m made up.

What does the Liverpool Art Prize represent to you?

Mainly I see it as a chance to make and show some work I’ve been mulling over for a while.

Artists are shortlisted for “a piece of work or project they have realised in the previous year” and “the general contribution or impact they have made on the Liverpool art scene.” Does this make you consider your practice in a different light?

Yes – the ‘contribution to the Liverpool art scene’ clause did make me think about my activities outside of the studio. I don’t think of myself as part of a ‘scene’ but it was heartening to consider the relationships between the artists, studios and galleries in Liverpool and my place therein.

For the first time ever, the LAP Exhibition will be housed in the Grand Hall (Albert Dock) – which this year celebrates the 25th anniversary of its official reopening. What was the space like to use? Did it ignite any new ideas in terms of presenting your work?

At first I was sad not to be exhibiting in the beautiful surroundings of Metal. I was afraid the Grand Hall would be too spacious for my intimate work, but Jenny (Porter) and the team have done a brilliant job turning the venue into a gallery with a variety of exhibition areas. Actually, it reminds me of Metal, with the exposed brick and industrial feel. I understand the reasons behind the move – there will be many more visitors to this venue than to Metal and that can only be a good thing.

Tough but obvious question: is there any competition between the four artists?

Not as far as I can tell – well, not overtly! I’ve known Laurence and Kevin for years and was pleased to be on the shortlist with them, along with Julieann. Also, I think our work is all so different that we’re not really comparing like with like. It’s not like we’re running a race against each other – when you’re making work in the studio you’re not thinking about the competition – you’re really in competition with yourself, in the sense of the challenge and effort.

Have you prepared a winner’s speech? 

Ooh, I hadn’t until you mentioned it…

What other exhibitions/events are you involved with at the moment, current or upcoming?

I’m working on one or two projects that are embryonic at the moment.


Liverpool Art Prize opens Thursday 25th April 6-9pm, the Grand Hall, Albert Dock

Posted on 24/04/2013 by thedoublenegative