Culture Diary w/c 18-02-13

Monday – Reservoir Dogs 8.30pm @ FACT

A retrospective of Quentin Tarantino’s career to date begins tonight at FACT with the movie that started it all. When Reservoir Dogs showed at Sundance in 1992, it made a star of its first time writer/director almost overnight, his propensity for killer soundtracks to match scenes full of bloody killing proving irresistible. So “C’mon, throw in a buck!” for Messrs White (Harvey Keitel), Orange (Tim Roth), Blonde (Michael Madsen), Pink (Steve Buscemi), et al.

Tuesday – Sister 6.10pm Discover Tuesdays @ FACT

Raved about by our resident cinaste DW Mault for ages, this second feature by director Ursula Meier is a measured look at 12-year-old Simon’s questionable methods in looking after himself and sister Louise. Namely, by stealing skiing equipment from wealthy visitors in the Alpine Peaks above their squalid tower-block home. Expect devastating, understated drama and a cameo from Gillian Anderson.

After The Flood Exhibition PV 7.30pm @ Mello Mello

Promising Jazz and collages, our 2012 Artist of the Month Michael Lacey hits Mello Mello this Tuesday with a collection of recent work. Incredibly detailed, often using vintage history books and magazines, and filled with crumbling cityscapes and odd characters (including murder victims), Lacey’s work has been praised by graphic novel legend Alan Moore. Check it.

Wednesday – Gallops 7.30pm @ The Shipping Forecast £6

Described by the BBC as “one of 2012’s most resounding debuts,” Gallops’ debut album Yours Sincerely, Dr. Hardcore, garnered high praise from various sources, including TLOBF (8.5/10) and Loud & Quiet (9/10). Fusing Math Rock time signatures and some distinctly metal power chords, Gallops seem set up to blow minds and ear drums in equal measure.

PICK OF THE WEEK: Thursday – KAYFABEMANIA 6pm @ Drop The Dumbells £5

When artist Sean Wárs mentioned to us last year that alongside William Daw, Hannah Bitowski and Golden Harvest Industries, he would be putting on an exhibition looking at their shared love of wrestling, we could hardly wait. Now it’s almost here and we’re chomping at the bit for the intriguingly titled Kayfabemania. For the uninitiated, Kayfabe is “the pro-wrestler’s code of silence,” say our wrestlemaniacs. For themed work, live music and pro-wrestling, get along to Drop The Dumbells this Thursday.

Silent Front/Death Pedals/Eyes 8pm @ the Caledonia £3 donation

A trio of noise rock bands, headed up with more mathy goodness (see Weds) from the post-hardcore Silent Front, means that this gig, with the suggested £3 donation in the confines of one of Liverpool’s finest real ale pubs is something of an under-the-radar winner.

Friday – Mazes 8pm @ the Blade Factory (Camp & Furnace) £6

When Mazes came to the fore with 2011′s debut A Thousand Heys, in doing so helping to stave off the much touted death of guitar music, they reintroduced UK audiences to slacker rock. Now back, and boasting a new sound, they are supported by superb Liverpool psyche-rock three-piece Mind Mountain. Full preview.

Le Bateau Reopening Night with Dance Yrself Clean 10pm @ Le Bateau £2/£3

When Le Bateau closed its doors getting on for a year ago, with it, Liverpool waved goodbye to its most consistently good club night. It is with pleasure then that we include in our listings its reopening this Friday, fittingly with indie/alternative night Dance Yrself Clean (previously Double Denim). There’s more good news a day later too, when Liquidation takes back its rightful place in the Saturday night slot.

Saturday – Hacky Birthday 11am @ FACT

This Saturday sees FACT celebrate a decade of challenging and successful programming on its Wood Street site. With a day of events in store featuring Will Nash’s Noisy Table, Clinic DJs, interactive installations and the final chance to see current exhibition Winter Sparks, FACT should prove itself the undisputed new media hub of choice this weekend. Did we also mention there’ll be cake?

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