Culture Diary w/c 04-02-13

Monday – The Punk Syndrome plus Q&A 6.30pm @ FACT

Documentary The Punk Syndrome focuses on Finnish band Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, whose memebrs – Pertti, Kari, Toni and Sami – happen to have learning disabilities. Not wanting to sound too trite, their story mirrors that of punk in its least diluted form – one of people rebelling against the mainstream.

Tuesday – Titus Andronicus 7.30pm @ the Unity Theatre £7/£8

Thought to be Shakespeare’s first tragedy, Titus Andronicus tells the tale of a veteran Roman General (the titular Titus), returning from ten years of conflict, with the Queen of the Goths and her three sons as prisoners. His arrival is greeted with great fanfare, but things predictably spiral out of his control. This production is brought to Liverpool by Purple Coat, impressively supported by the RSC, Stephen Fry and Ian McKellen.

Wednesday – JP Cooper, Gary Stewart and Natalie McCool 8pm @ Leaf £5

An acoustic showcase for Liverpool, Mellowtone has a hard-earned reputation for offering up some of the best unplugged nights in the city. This show, featuring a trio of singer songwriters, should only add to their high regard: troubadour JP Cooper, Leeds-based Scot, Gary Stewart and the ever charming Natalie McCool do the honours.

Thursday – The Bosons, Beluga and John McGrath 7pm @ Bold Street Coffee £3 donation

If you’ve been to a gig at Bold Street Coffee before, you’ll know it makes for an intimate experience. This Thursday the venue welcomes Perth-based electronica duo The Bosons, Beluga (AKA the new solo project from Sun Drums’ vocalist Tom Cowcher) and the insanely innovative guitarist John McGrath.

Patrick Wolf 7.30pm @ the Epstein Theatre £15/£17.50

Embarking on a tour to mark a decade since his first album Lycanthropy, Wolf is a performer deserving of the kind of longevity that artists can barely dream of these days. His latest album Sundark and Riverlight highlights and reworks ten years worth of material. Full preview.

PICK OF THE WEEK: Friday – Glam! The Performance of Style @ Tate Liverpool £8

Glam! The Performance of Style (main image) looks set to be one of 2013′s standout exhibitions at Tate Liverpool. Focusing on a Britain giving itself over to a blurring of the boundaries between pop culture and life, Glam! looks to explore the sensibilities and impact of the times; with work from Hockney, Warhol and music from Bowie. Read more about Glam! in our Must-See Exhibitions of 2013.

One Eyed Jacks 6.30pm @ Metal FREE

A Western with elements of cat and mouse and revenge running through it, One Eyed Jacks, a fascinating oddity directed by Marlon Brando (who replaced original director Stanley Kubrick), received an Academy Award nomination in 1961 for the cinematography of Charles Lang.

Saturday – ARK 02 7pm @ Drop the Dumbells £5

In December, Deep Hedonia, the promotions team “with a mind to bring the best artists from the international experimental underground” to Liverpool, launched ARK, a regular night exploring the boundaries of the city’s subterranean dance scene. Its success meant that expectations are high and rising for the second installment (above), featuring “an all local lineup of artists”, which includes (amongst others) Bantam Lions, Lunar Modular, Afternaught and Kepla.

Sunday – The Secret of Kells 11.30am @ FACT

The Secret of Kells was nominated in 2009 for a Best Animated Feature Oscar, losing out to Pixar’s Up, in a pack which included Coraline and Fantastic Mr. Fox. Described in his preview as “quite simply one of the most beautiful pieces of cinema ever created”, Nik Glover argues that in a world ever more dominated by CGI, it is the likes of this Irish movie offering an antidote and showing the way for contemporary animated cinema.

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