Artists of 2012

What better way to celebrate a year of The Double Negative than to honour our Artists of the Month?

When we were planning The Double Negative back in late 2011, it was our dream to turn a spotlight onto one emerging, talented artist every month. We couldn’t have predicted the quality of response! Thanks to a lot of hard work and creativity on the artists’ behalf, this has meant a celebration of completely different styles and skills; from illustration, paint and animation, to screenprinting, music and street art.

The Artist of the Month is selected on the basis of their art work, either spotted in exhibitions, or recommended by others, and is by invitation. It requires the artist to create a brand new piece of work to display in our homepage banner for one month, alongside a feature interview (check them all out here) and a profile in our Little Black Book.

Anyway, that’s enough from us, have a look at some of the very best, original work to adorn The Double Negative in our first year…

Click on image once and then again to have a closer look!

Posted on 19/12/2012 by thedoublenegative