Culture Diary w/c 27-08-12

Tuesday – Pop-Up Talk: Aaron Williamson in Conversation with Sally Tallant: The Eavesdropper and Other Stories 4 pm @ the Bluecoat 

This week sees DaDaFest 2012 come to an end, but there’s still a multitude of ways to immerse yourself. Today sees artist in residence at the Walker, Aaron Williamson in conversation with artistic director of the Biennial, Sally Tallant. The conversation will focus on Niet Normaal residency, The Eavesdropper, and a retrospective look at Williamson’s career.

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie 6pm @ FACT

Winner of the 1972 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, director Luis Buñuel’s The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie is that rarest of things; a success at the box office AND critically acclaimed. A surreal trip through the lives of a group of upper class sophisticates, it amounts to a fascinating study of that most bourgeois of rituals: the dinner party.

Wednesday – Future Shorts Summer Programme 6.30pm @ FACT

Back in January we popped along to FACT to see some of the contenders for the British Animation Awards. Screening as part of the BAA was A Morning Stroll, which has since won a BAFTA and received an Oscar nomination. If you’re a lover of film’s short-form, you’re already in the know, but if you want to be but aren’t, Future Shorts may be a good place to start.

Anta, Fortunatus & Flashing Astraptes 8pm @ Mello Mello £3

Emerging from Bristol in 2010 Anta, according to their blurb, are “best described as large looming and fundamental, whilst melodic and composed”. Having listened to their seven minute epic Clock Turret Khan only this morning, it’s fair to say they aren’t idly boasting. One of a flurry of obscenely affordable shows from promoters Behind The Wall of Sleep, it’s recently been almost rude not to get to gigs. A nice habit forming experience, that.

Thursday – Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present 6pm @ FACT

Performance art. To some, it’s the ultimate oxymoron; the butt of jokes amongst sneering critics. Interestingly, this argument is usually obliterated by dropping just one name: Marina Abramovic. The 65 year old Serb (self-titled “grandmother of performance art”) is rarely charged with producing work anything less than credible. Not so according to Abramovic. Over the past 40 years, she says she’s been asked many times “But why is this art?”. With The Artist is Present, she hopes finally “to be a real form of art before I die”.

Friday – Deer Tick, The Shivers & By The Sea 8pm @ The Kazimier £10

Conjuring images of vast, wide open spaces while putting one in mind of the modern day Great American Songbook, Deer Tick evoke Springsteen, Dylan and even Ryan Adams. All can be found lurking near the foreground amid Born at Zero. This is hardly all they have in their locker, mind; last year’s Divine Providence suggesting we shouldn’t waste too much time attempting to second-guess the Rhode Island five-piece.

Saturday – MOTHLIGHT – A Dream Unfolding 9pm @ Milk Studios £7

One of the more intriguing listings on culture diary this week, Mothlight – A Dream Unfolding is an installation featuring compositions from the likes of Isocore, Ex-Easter Island Head and Acrobat (Sun Drums and Deep Hedonia’s Sam Twidale). Only 100 tickets are available for what promises to be an interesting evening.

Saturday/Sunday – The Mediated Garden Hack Weekend 11am @ FACT

What the heck is a mediated garden hack, we hear you exclaim? Well, gather round, and we’ll tell you. The Mediated Garden, situated on the roof of FACT is, essentially a break-out area to grow stuff. This weekend sees an opportunity for “bloggers, curators, hackers, film makers, audio gatherers, knitters, painters, writers, speakers, artists and everyone in between” to get involved and connect this piece of city centre tranquility to the outside world. For further info, or to book a place, contact tenantspin’s Laura Yates:

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