Culture Diary w/c 06-08-12

Monday – Shooters in the Pub 6.30pm @ FACT

It’s not too difficult to find a networking event in Liverpool that’s a good fit. Entrepreneurial, creative, they’re out there (we can recommend a fair few of them ourselves). But Shooters in the Pub is the first we’ve stumbled across specifically for film makers operating in the city. On the first Monday of each month, budding auteurs and Hollywood hopefuls of any stage in their career can get together to talk about what they know best.

Tuesday - City of God 6.30pm @ FACT 

A decade ago, for many people subtitled films would lead to thoughts of French cinema (Truffaut or Godard, maybe), or another stronghold of European art house. In 2002, that idea was flipped on its head thanks to Fernando Meirelles and his break through feature, City of God, an intense look at Rio and the different paths followed by friends growing up and apart.

Wednesday - RIBA Liverpool City Tour: Gateway to the World 2pm @ Mann Island £7.50/£4.50 (concessions)

How often do we really stop and appreciate the places where we live and work? If you’re anything like us, all too often getting from A to B is what counts, architecture and historical features be damned. Luckily though, RIBA pay far more attention, and with this in mind put together Liverpool Walking Tours. Wednesday’s tour, Gateway to the World looks at Liverpool’s place in history as a port city and how elements remain, if in different contexts, in the present day.

Thursday - Guilt @ The Lantern Theatre 7.30pm £8/£6 (concessions)

With many theatres taking their traditional summer break, it comes as a relief to know that The Lantern on Blundell Street is still offering productions for those of us concerned about going cold turkey. This week sees murder mystery Guilt hit the stage following its Manchester debut earlier this year.

Friday - Planetarium: The Summer Night Sky (3.15pm) / Chronicle of a journey to Earth (various times) @ The World Museum FREE

Despite NASA’s funding going up in a plume of rocket smoke, the same can hardly be said of our fascination with space. Just this morning, to jubilant scenes, the Mars rover Curiosity set down safely to look for signs of life on our near neighbour. With the whiff of school trips about it, but benefiting from a swanky refit, the World Museum’s Planetarium has much to offer to those looking to sate their cravings for the space race.

Saturday - FestEvol Gardens Part 2 4pm-2am @ The Kazimier £10

Those canny individuals who got their hands on a limited both days pass will already be looking forward to part 2 of the uber FestEvol Gardens this Saturday, with the weekend just gone (hazy hangovers aside) still fresh in their minds. Part 2 sees the slight return to the city of Outfit, aided and abetted by the likes of Sun Drums, Baltic Fleet and the Tea Street Band. Ellis Samizdat, Deep Hedonia and Bido Lito! are amongst those on the decks late into the night.

Sunday - A Streetcar Named Desire 6pm @ FACT

The 1947 landmark play by Tennessee Williams was brought to screen by Elia Kazan four years later. Retaining Marlon Brando in the role of Stanley Kowalski, but recasting Jessica Tandy’s faded Southern Belle Blanche DuBois with Vivien Leigh, it is ostensibly a story of a clash of cultures; Blanche’s old south and her brother-in-law Kowalski’s driving industrial urbanism. It was the first film to win three out of four acting categories at the Academy Awards, and is always worth revisiting.

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