The Double Negative Launch Party Preview!

On the eve of The Double Negative launch party, we thought it best we gave you a heads up on what to expect…

Everyone likes new stuff, right? For our money, you can’t beat the aroma of a freshly opened bag of coffee, or the crispness of the pages in the latest copy of your favourite magazine. Ad men of yesteryear knew they could shift the latest model by talking about its new car smell. Tomorrow sees three newbies for the price of one, a triumvirate of bright young things coming together.

Yes, The Double Negative official launch party is almost upon us. What was all that jazz about new stuff, you ask? Well, there’s us of course, new kids on the block of Liverpool’s burgeoning cultural commentary landscape. Venue for the night is the just opened Camp and Furnace; an extremely well thought out, beautifully designed, multi-purpose space boasting its own Brown Bear ale. Lots of which is likely to be consumed by us. Not least however, the night also represents the first to be put together by our friends at Deep Hedonia, a music lead events, design, and production group. And don’t you worry, you’ll be hearing more about those guys in these pages soon enough.

As we all know, that box-fresh sheen gets you so far. You only stay shiny for so long before you need to back it up with some kick ass-stuff to show for it. Fortunately, we thought this through. The night will be a reflection of the site itself, featuring a liberal smattering of Arts, Design, Film and Music. A one-off exhibition of work, from print and drawing demons including Frances Disley, Emily Lansley, Alan Williams and Hannah Bitowski, has art and graphic design covered; while a compilation of classic and experimental shorts put together by our very own Rachael Jones will be projected during the night.

Fulfilling the music end of the bargain, we have special sets from Faded Gold (aka Stefanie Chew), whose music is correctly described by Getintothis head-honcho Peter Guy as “shimmering blankets of downbeat yet joyous electronica”, and Trouble with Books, the melancholic folk-drone trio of Angie Walker, Paul Hirons and Sean Wars. Capable of seriously beautiful moments, TwB splice acoustic guitar and double bass with electro-noodling to great effect.

Following those live acts, the evening will be rounded off in style with a Bantam Lions (aka multi-talented artist, graphic designer and musician Mike Carney) DJ set which should keep things moving along very nicely. Finally, the Deep Hedonia boys will hit the decks with an eclectic mash-up of top tunes and beats (complete with a few suggestions from us) to keep the party going into the wee small hours.

It promises to be a top night; part opportunity for us to enjoy some of our favourite artists, writers, musicians and designers in the city – some of whom have directly helped make the site what it is – and part big thank you from us to you for all the support in these early days of The Double Negative that we couldn’t have done without. Most of all, it’s the perfect excuse for the big-ass P-A-R-T-Y we wanted to throw from the very beginning.

See you at Camp and Furnace, main entrance, tomorrow night from 8pm! 

Posted on 11/05/2012 by thedoublenegative