Culture Diary w/c 07-05-12

Monday – Persepolis @ FACT 9pm

Persepolis began life as a graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi. Retaining its distinctive style, thanks to Satrapi’s continued involvement in the project, it is part social comment, part poignant coming of age story. Charting her years spent as a child through to early adulthood in Iran post the Islamic revolution and her adventures in Europe, Persepolis is a faithful and challenging piece of cinema that shared the Jury Prize at Cannes in 2007.

Tuesday – R M Hubbert @ Mello Mello 8pm

Having toured with Mogwai and collaborated with fellow Scots Alisdair Roberts and Aidan Moffat, Hubbert lands in Liverpool this Tuesday to perform his post-rock acoustic guitar ‘sketches’. Touring the Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand) produced album Thirteen Lost & Found, expect an affecting and intimate performance from the idiosyncratic (in a good way) craftsman.

Artist Cine Club: Cellu-loko! @FACT, 6pm, free

Promising an “evening of films and moving-image work that splice, squiggle and savage celluloid”, Cellu-loko! will be (literally) taking a look at moving image and the paintbrush. Curated by filmmaker Kate Murphy, who often tours collaborative screenings around national film festivals, and featuring a Q&A with celluloid artist Dave Griffiths, plus a live expanded cinema performance Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise, (Conceal) by Joanna Byrne.

Wednesday – Mary Shelley @ The Playhouse 7.30pm

In this new production, award-winning theatre company Shared Experience ask us to look beyond Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein and consider instead the very real drama of her life. Her philosopher father William Godwin and feminist mother Mary Wollstonecraft should serve as food for thought, but throw in too an elopement at 16, and you can see that Shared Experience could be on to something.

DIRT Exhibition PV @ Red Wire Studios 7.30pm , free

Red Wire Studios artists Kevin Casey, Matthew Lloyd and Alan Williams have put together a show featuring portrayals of what ‘dirt’ means to them. Utilising video, sculpture, drawing and sounds, we’re sure the results will be worth seeing and hearing. However, the exhibition is just as interesting in that it happens to be the first at Red Wire since it hosted Jad Fair in 2009.

Thursday – Spectrum Exhibition PV @ Wolstenholme Creative Space 6pm, free

As part of Liverpool Art Month, WCS have assembled an impressive and eclectic list of artists from various points in their careers. Including Tomo, Kev Hunt, Emily Speed and Jo Hicks, Spectrum promises to provide a showcase for some of the finest work being produced in the city right now.

Friday – #001 @ Binary Cell 7pm, £5 Adv/£7 Otd

Presumably taking its name from the fact it happens to be the first night staged by Little Panther (in conjunction with Milk), it perhaps would have been better called Smorgasbord, such is the number and diversity of acts involved. With Wetmouth, Lovecraft and those cheeky chappies Organ Freeman, #001 could be the first of many nights aiming to provide ‘complete sensory overload’.

Saturday – The Double Negative Launch Party @ Camp and Furnace 8pm, free

We always wanted to mark the launch of the site with a big-ass party (pictured) and thanks to those young turks Deep Hedonia, and the folks at Camp and Furnace, we will. A reflection of the site in the real world (scary, huh?), the night will feature a one-off exhibition including work from Fran Disley, Paul Rafferty and Lee Tisdall (amongst others), with special sets from Faded Gold and Trouble with Books, all rounded off by DJ sets from Bantam Lions and the Deep Hedonia crew. Come and say hi; we’ll be the knackered but happy ones. Early birds might well get party bags!

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