Studio Series: Fran Disley

In a new series, we are granted an exclusive and rare insight into the work spaces of some of the region’s most celebrated and emerging talents. We start with artist and printmaker Fran Disley at The Royal Standard Studios…

Please describe your space. It’s in The Royal Standard, it’s very light, with big windows, obviously an old industrial space, old pipes, exposed metal roof. About half the size of my living room! With handmade walls.

What work do you do here? Drawing, thinking, reading, sculpting. Listening to music and Radio 4. Getting distracted by other studio members, which is quite nice really. I’m working on some drawings of St Hubert, especially looking at a painting of him in the Walker Art Gallery called Portrait of a Young Man. He was a saint who lived a life of excess. I’m making lino cuts and ceramics linked to my residency at Liverpool Community College.

How many hours a week do you spend here? I’d say it varies, anything from 5 days a week to no days a week. I’m a director at the studios and gallery here too, so I’m often in for other reasons! I try to sneak in as much time as I can.

What helps you work? Listening to music, looking at other people’s artwork. Having a clear out and getting rid of haunting old artworks.

Describe your 3 favourite possessions in the studio. My little ship in a bottle. My lino cutting tools. And maybe my collection of waterfall postcards.

If your studio could speak, what would it say? Something about time travel or loss of time. Something about escaping; like a place where plans are being made to escape.

If there was any important advice you could share with other artists, what would that be? Don’t listen to naysayers – particularly in Liverpool, if you’ve got an idea, you can make it happen. Persevere. Being an artist is a lifelong commitment. Remember to have fun!

Posted on 23/03/2012 by thedoublenegative