Culture Diary w/c 26-03-12

Tuesday 27 – Into The Abyss @ FACT, 6.15pm, see website for ticket prices

Werner Herzog is a fascinating character. Latterly best known for his work as a documentary filmmaker; the German director has consistently delivered incredibly weighty and varied work in this guise. We expect Into The Abyss, a film dealing with capital punishment, to be no different. The screening is followed by a satellite Q&A with the man himself.

Sewing Machine Orchestra @ FACT, 8pm & 9pm,  free, booking required

Sewing. Machine. Orchestra. Not a combination of words that would ordinarily get me off the couch on a Tuesday evening, but that doesn’t take into account artist Martin Messier. Working with light and audio, Messier appears a man obsessed with analogue mechanics (see his work with Nicoas Bernier, La chambres des machines), and we’re granted an insight into his practice with a Q&A following the performance.

Wednesday 28 – Future Shorts from A Small Cinema @ The Kazimier, 8pm, £3

This Wednesday sees the welcome return of A Small Cinema (it is small, but that’s also its name), bringing us a mixture of award winning international shorts from the likes of Spike Jonze and Sam Taylor-Wood, with a smattering of local talent in the mix too. Helmed by artist Sam Meech, ASC is a labour of love, geared to reintroduce us to elements of cinema just not on offer at the multi-plex.

Thursday 29 – Exhibition PV Dead Mint @ Arena Gallery, 6pm, free

Dead Mint is brought to us by artists based at three of Liverpool’s most respected independent studios. Alan Williams (Red Wire), Sam Venables (The Royal Standard) and Mike Aitken (WCS) have put together an exhibition taking an ‘irreverent smash and grab of the history of contemporary art’, re-packaging and showing it at Arena Gallery. This Thursday’s opening will be accompanied by a DJ set and the usual cheap booze stylings.

Free Rock n Roll @ Mello Mello, 9pm, free

Free Rock & Roll. You can’t say it any plainer than that, and for that reason alone, consider us sold. The night features sets from All We Are, The Probes, and Mashemon, a band playfully picking over the pop and rock of the last 30 years, taking what they want, magpie like, and discarding the rest. Then going back for another look.

Friday 30 – Exhibition Safety net of sky @ Floor 2, World Museum, 10am-5pm daily, free

Curated by young people from Liverpool Youth Offending Service, Safety net of sky (pictured) is an exhibition featuring writing and artwork selected from entries to the 2011 Koestler awards. Based on the images we’ve seen, the exhibition will stand on its own merits, but is given added poignancy in that the work is drawn from prisons, secure hospitals, children’s homes and people on probation in the North West.

Exhibition continues until 27 May

Saturday 31 – Dog Show presents Triathlon @ The Kazimier

The Kazimier, not content with being one of the finest venues to grace Liverpool, have rather more going on than simply hosting bands from far and wide. In Dogshow, they boast a headlining act for this Saturday’s Krunk Party which has previously played Glastonbury (in 2010) and puts the faces of Sam, Laurie and Venya to the Kazimier name. A conservative description is a full frontal sound and light show assault.

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