Culture Diary w/c 05-03-2012

Monday 5 – The Shining, 8:45pm @ FACT, see site for ticket prices

The Shining, aside from its notoriety as one of the masterpieces of horror, is a startling success story; the novel was Stephen King’s first best-selling hard-back, and a cracking read. But it’s with the movie incarnation that The Shining has provided some genre-defining imagery and lines. Running as part of FACT‘s Stanley Kubrick season, this is a fantastic opportunity to relive some of those legendary screen moments. All together now: Heeeeere’s Johnny!

Tuesday 6 – Reel Unknown Secret Cinema, Location TBC

Unknown film, unknown venue and therefore a ‘new’ way to experience cinema. The idea of people buying a ticket ‘in the dark’ isn’t a new one, “this is a concept that has been explored and established in London but has yet to have been brought to the North”, so says Reel Unknown‘s co-producer Jasmine Doughty. The events in London have proved extremely popular, selling out in seconds flat and it’s surely an opportunity which will be gobbled up greedily by sections of the Liverpool cinema going public. Look out for clues on location and movie across social media.

Wednesday 7 – Lost Properties: Lost Story Night, 5-8:30pm, 63 Renshaw Street, free

The man behind Tea & Two Slice, and Liverpool Art Prize Nominee, Tomo, has produced this group exhibition with friends at empty property on Renshaw Street. Described as “a welcoming place to meet, explore or get lost, which maybe might serve as a catalyst for something greater than our humble endeavours”, this show has garnered top reviews from those that have ventured inside. This weeks your last chance to visit – pop along tonight to catch a home-spun tale or two at their Lost Story Night, or catch the closing party tomorrow.

Thursday 8 – Kerouac, 8:30pm @ Wolstenholme Creative Space, £3

Before the kiddie, watered down, recent understanding of emo, the moniker was actually used as the shortened form for emotional punk-rock. Kerouac aim to provide evidence of this on Thursday night, in what is almost the perfect environment of WCS. Support is provided by Liverpool-based screamo merchants, We Came Out Like Tigers. A word of warning, do NOT under any circumstances expect any of this to sound like My Chemical Romance.

Friday 9 – Zilch, 8:00pm @ Mello Mello, Phantom Limb

Alongside higher-profile gigs like The War On Drugs and this week’s Cass McCombs show, promoter Harvest Sun have added another string to their bow with Zilch. Aiming to showcase some of the finest up-and-comers, a free show is a free show, and this time’s headliners, Phantom Limb, are drenched in country and another misinterpreted genre, R&B. Coming across a right old curmudgeon today, aren’t we? New single Gravy Train, is out next week.

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