Rebekka O'Grady

Rebekka O’Grady

Profession:  Writer

Tell us about youI am currently a happy student at Liverpool John Moores University and aspire to become a journalist once graduated. I enjoy writing about anything and everything, because you’ll always learn something new. I also love cats and wished I lived in the 1940/50s.

What inspires you? My family, friends and boyfriend. Food is also a good starting point for inspiration!

What do you love about Liverpool? People who live here aren’t afraid to be themselves, and it seems to be the only city that knows what a Steamboat drink is!

What would your superpower be? An invisible protective precipitation and wind bubble. Also, the ability to fly.

Favourite local hangout? Leaf, Lago and the Ship + Mitre.

Tell us a secret. I am addicted to cheese and mayonnaise. But not together.