Chicago skyline 2016. Photo courtesy Joseph Viney

Field Trip: Chicago, Now! Part Two

Lycra paired with the threat of civil unrest; biscuits and gravy paired with Black Sabbath… What more can Joseph Viney ask for as he continues his field trip in Chicago? Perhaps a doom-laden...

The Curious World Of Hieronymus Bosch (detail)

“At its best when it slows down”: The Curious World Of Hieronymus Bosch — Reviewed

With his gross-out humour and ghoulish creatures, Bosch is one of the most palatable of medieval painters for modern audiences, argues Luke Healey; as examined in detail by Exhibition On Screen’s new film…...

The Expanded City, Preston; drawing by Olivia Keith (detail)

Scrutiny Of The Edgelands — Introducing: The Expanded City

Writer and artist Lauren Velvick has recently been commissioned to work on The Expanded City project within her hometown of Preston. But what has it taught her about the forgotten edgelands at the...

Cécile B. Evans: Sprung a Leak 2016, at Tate Liverpool. Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Emanuel Layr, Vienna

“Bewilderingly kaleidoscopic”: Cécile B. Evans @ Tate Liverpool — Reviewed

Luke Healey finds a series of bewilderingly kaleidoscopic, emotive encounters between the human and the machinic at Tate Liverpool… Describing Sprung a Leak, her new commission for Tate Liverpool, Belgian-American artist Cécile B. Evans...

Chicago O’Hare Airport 2016. Photo courtesy Joseph Viney

Field Trip: Make America Great Again? Chicago, USA, Part One

Make America great again? The first in a series of observations from his US road trip, Joseph Viney lands in Chicago: met by talk of the election, endless traffic, and a healthy amount...

Man Ray, Glass Tears (Les Larmes) 1932.

Culture Diary w/c 07-11-2016

What’s hot this week? Our pick of the arts, design, film and music listings from around Liverpool and the rest of the UK…  Monday – Talk: Marina Abramović On Walk Through Walls 7.30pm...

Mould Map, Issue Five, Black Box

“Visualising our horrors of dystopia” — Introducing: Mould Map Magazine

With issues taking the form of radioactive time-capsules about misinformation, or (most recently) exhibitions about terraforming, Jacob Charles Wilson’s love for Mould Map lies in its format-changing, “ugly”, and abrasive commentary… It’s increasingly...

Phyllida Barlow, The Hepworth Prize for Sculpture 2016

And The Winner Is… The Hepworth Prize For Sculpture

Who will win the inaugural Hepworth Prize for Sculpture? Deborah Laing visits its accompanying exhibition in Wakefield, by four well-known nominees making a “significant contribution” to the field… “As the sculptural idea is...


“Encouraging intelligent discussions about societal changes, privacy and trust”: Brighton Photo Biennial — Reviewed

This year’s Brighton Photo Biennial offers an invigorating insight into subcultures, fashion, youth, race and gender, finds Laura Robertson… There are three strong shows making up this year’s Brighton Photo Biennial. Namely, a...