Fonetiks, Threshold 2011

Beyond the Threshold

We spoke to Threshold festival director Chris Carney, and found there’s fight in this town yet…  To the casual observer, not to mention those directly affected, the last few months have been chastening to...

Iona Kewney

Iona Kewney & Joseph Quimby

C James Fagan finds himself left almost dumbstruck by a performance demonstrating the incredible potential of the human form… Part of the programme accompanying Gina Czarnecki’s retrospective exhibition, and featuring in the exhibition...

Oliver Braid: My Five New Friends

Oliver Braid: My Five New Friends

For 18 months, artist Oliver Braid has been on a mission; aiming to become friends with the five most attractive male undergraduates from Glasgow School of Art, documenting each relationship, sparing none of...

Nat Baldwin

Nat Baldwin – Reviewed

Jon Davies finds a Dirty Projector revelling in his solo status at Leaf, winning new fans in the process… A couple years ago I was an avid fan of the Dirty Projectors, I...