The Glitch Interview: S. J. Fowler

C James Fagan throws the rule book out of the window for his interview with Syndrome’s latest resident artist, poet, performer, and muse, S. J. Fowler… Syndrome is an event; it is a...

Wysing Arts Centre’s Futurecamp: A Post-Gender World

Are we living in a Post-Gender World? What do the words ‘post’ or ‘gender’ actually mean to you? Alice Hughes takes an in-depth look at social labels, identity stereotypes and ideas about the ‘self’...

Nasreen Mohamedi: Lines Among Lines

Co-curator of Tate Liverpool’s current top floor Nasreen Mohamedi exhibition, Eleanor Clayton gives insight into the artist’s world: one which aimed to create purity, balance and unity through abstraction… Nasreen Mohamedi was a pioneer...

Adapting The Way We Watch Film: ICA Artists’ Moving Image Network

Where is the best place to watch artists’ film? Josie Sommer explores the ICA’s Artists’ Film Club on tour and finds herself wondering whether we need an entirely new space outside of the cinema...

Join Us At The Next North-West Writers’ Meet & Greet!

Writer? Blogger? Journalist? Publication? Join us, Creative Tourist, Corridor8 and friends for our next meet and greet! We’ve long been of the mind that there’s strength in numbers. That having friends — rather...

The Big Interview: Scroobius Pip

Edinburgh Fringe, illegal downloads and rejecting Shakespeare: Chris Carr spends some time with Scroobius Pip… Over the last few years, Scroobius Pip has made a point of releasing special items on his birthday....

Beyond Liverpool...
Blazing a trail through
the big wide world

Field Trip: Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh

Gravestone voyeurs, soup can deliveries and time capsules: Jose Diaz spends one glittering evening at the Andy Warhol Museum’s 20th Anniversary Gala… Last month I found myself with an invitation to visit Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the...

Must hear...
The sounds of
The Double Negative
The Ramones

Playlist: Hey! Ho! Let’s Go! Remembering The Ramones

With the sad passing of drummer and last surviving bandmate, Tommy Ramone, over the weekend, Joseph Viney reminds us why The Ramones stood out in a New York punk scene teeming with talent… The...

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The Double Negative Fabric Bag

Fabric Bag >> £4 FREE DELIVERY

Fabric Bag FREE DELIVERY Price: £4 Colour: Black on post-box red Material: 100% cotton   Designed by Liverpool-based artist and graphic designer Mike Carney, and hand-screenprinted in Liverpool by In the Room Print Co., these lovely bags...

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