“Public punishment is too brutal” — The Big Interview: Jon Ronson (Part Two)

In Part Two of our Big Interview, bestselling author Jon Ronson expands upon our growing desire for public punishment, shares how he tries to connect with his interviewees, and reveals what it’s like to have...

“A Particular Kind Of Englishness”: Simon Armitage — Reviewed

Jennifer Tsai spends an evening with one of Britain’s foremost poets and enjoys deadpan delivery, romantic insecurity and a homage to the Pennine Watershed… In the intimate setting of the Everyman Theatre recently, I heard Simon...

Artist Of The Month: Spudgun

Ahoy hoy! Our latest Artist Of The Month unveils his Simpsons-inspired artwork for No Homers Club, his successful Secret 7″ submission and demystifies the reason behind his alter-ego. What’s not to like? What comes to...

Chemical Recall: Or, What Is Memory Without Photography?

At the Walker’s latest exhibition, C. James Fagan ponders how images serve as a stimulus for individual recollections of memory and history, and asks: are photography and film actually replacing our real memories? One of...

On Being Out Of Place: The Artwork Of Rebecca Chesney

As part of our new publishing collaboration with In Certain Places, here art historian Rosemary Shirley discusses the concept of nature and ‘wildness’ — an interest she shares with artist Rebecca Chesney… According...

“I was grappling with something that was truly horrifying” — The Big Interview: Jon Ronson (Part One)

He’s investigated psychopaths, extremists, and now the rise of public shaming online. Here, critically acclaimed journalist Jon Ronson speaks to us at length about his new book, how he feels about shaming a...

Beyond Liverpool...
Blazing a trail through
the big wide world
Ahmedabad ni Gufa (Gujarati for cave)

Field Trip: Gujarat, ‘The Jewel Of The West’

Turner Prize nominees, graffiti and Gandhi: Emma Sumner finds this and more as she continues her introductory guide to the art spaces of India, this time stopping off at the so-called ‘Jewel of the West’…...

Must hear...
The sounds of
The Double Negative
Rocket Recordings: Shit & Shine album 54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral

Playlist: Rocket Recordings

Joshua Potts extols the virtues of a record label appealing to the outer limits of psychedelia… Rocket Recordings, by its very nature, invigorates one of the most mutable angles to great music without succumbing...

Fill your boots...
unique, limited edition gifts
The Double Negative Fabric Bag

Fabric Bag >> £4 FREE DELIVERY

Fabric Bag FREE DELIVERY Price: £4 Colour: Black on post-box red Material: 100% cotton   Designed by Liverpool-based artist and graphic designer Mike Carney, and hand-screenprinted in Liverpool by In the Room Print Co., these lovely bags...

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The Age Of Earthquakes: A Guide To The Extreme Present http://buff.ly/1yv9FmA [+]
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Oh hello, Culture Diary April-June 2015! Our new issue, printed on beautiful GF... [+]
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“Public punishment is too brutal” — The Big Interview: Jon Ronson (Part Two) I... [+]