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Dr Who and the Daleks

Pulp Pleasures: Dr Who

Ahead of FACT’s screening of a pair of Peter Cushing-starring Dr Who films, Adam Scovell investigates their enduring appeal… There’s something distinctly pleasurable about the two 1960s Doctor Who films.  They’re completely farfetched,...

Bicycle Thieves 6pm Sunday @ FACT

Bicycle Thieves – Previewed

Adam Scovell gets to grips with Bicycle Thieves, arguing the classic is unfairly burdened by its era… There are certain films that come with a great deal of baggage; a constant array of...


Film Podcast #19: Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty

Film Podcast #19: Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty by The Double Negative on Mixcloud DW Mault and special guest Adam Scovell review Steven Spielberg’s biographical drama Lincoln, and Kathryn Bigelow’s military thriller Zero...

Frankenstein (1931)

A Questioning Nature: Frankenstein

Adam Scovell takes a second look at this definitive horror film and finds subversion, satire and an underrated director … Though its screening is more of a tie-in to science and technology than...

The Night of the Hunter

The Night of the Hunter – Previewed

Adam Scovell on The Night of the Hunter, a directorial debut of rare quality… There are certain curios in cinema; films that are one offs, unique, which leave a desire for more. Charles...

Response @ Fallout Factory

Response @ Fallout Factory – Reviewed

Adam Scovell finds reasons to be optimistic about the Independents Biennial at Fallout Factory… There’s a wealth of independent shows and projects around this year’s Liverpool Biennial. With the official festival itself being...

Rhys Chatham, A Crimson Grail, Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, image courtesy The Double Negative

Biennial 2012: Rhys Chatham & Andrew Ellis in conversation

Before the UK premier performance of A Crimson Grail back in September, we sat Samizdat’s Andrew Ellis down with legendary composer, Rhys Chatham… For the launch of Liverpool Biennial 2012, Rhys Chatham, legendary...

The Birds

The Birds – Previewed

Adam Scovell previews The Birds, one of Hitchcock’s most enigmatic offerings… Alfred Hitchcock’s later films tipped the pendulum more into the genre of horror than the rest of his works.  The likes of...

Michael Lacey, Explorers, Arena Gallery

Culture Diary w/c 24-09-12

Monday – Beetlejuice 8.45pm @ FACT Of the entire Tim Burton canon, Beetlejuice is perhaps correctly considered the passion project. His breakout movie, it is the film which introduced Burton’s brand of macabre...