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Personal Matters and Public Affairs (2015) Video still, performance lecture. Hedwig Houben’s Others and I, Spike Island. All images courtesy Hedwig Houben and Galerie Fons Welters

Bristol Overview: Emotional Archaeology @ Arnolfini; Others and I, And Instructions For Use of Jiří Kolář @ Spike Island

C. James Fagan sees three exhibitions across four sites in Bristol, provoking thought on memory, parental love, and the “geometry of love”… Ever feel like a ghost? I’m having one of those moments. At...

Utopia Deferred exhibition: Mandy Payne, Looking Forward Looking Back

Playlist: Utopia Deferred

Utopia or dystopia? Paradise or hell? To mark Corke Gallery’s new Utopia Deferred painting exhibition, harbinger of doom C. James Fagan creates a mixtape for a new type of world… Painters Paul Collinson, Mandy Payne and Conor...

Utopia Deferred exhibition: Mandy Payne, Looking Forward Looking Back

Utopia Deferred? Paul Collinson & Mandy Payne On Depicting The Perfect World

An impossible dream, or an ideal worth striving for? To mark Corke Gallery’s Utopia Deferred exhibition, C. James Fagan speaks to two of the exhibiting painters about the concept of paradise… Painter Paul...

Live Import/Live Export: Whiskey Chow. All images courtesy Jesse Shen 2016

“He is naked and covered in paint, like a living De Kooning”: Live Import/Live Export — Reviewed

At Liverpool Biennial Fringe, and bombarded by a throng of artists, C. James Fagan tries to differentiate between performances in a hot and cavernous Victorian reservoir… It’s humid, and I’m sweaty. These are my twin concerns as...

The Royal Standard; illustration by Paul McQuay for On Being Curious: New Critical Writing on Contemporary Art From the North-West of England (2016). Edited by Laura Robertson. Published by The Double Negative on behalf of Contemporary Visual Arts Network North-West (CVAN NW)

“It’s my dream job, but it’s voluntary”: Trials And Triumphs At The Royal Standard

One of the world’s top artist-led galleries celebrates 10 years — including a summer exhibition with previously exhibited artists Liliane Lijn, David Sherry, Oliver Braid and Pil and Galia Kollectiv and more – in...

Jennet Thomas' The Unspeakable Freedom Device at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation, hosted by The Exhibition Centre for the Life and Use of Books, Manchester

“The problems of that time remain unresolved”: The Unspeakable Freedom Device — Reviewed

Jennet Thomas transports C. James Fagan back to the Thatcher years: a time of nuclear scares, managed decline and milk snatching… Thatcher! Thatcher! Milk snatcher! This chant has resonance with me, as Margaret...

Cindy Sherman, born 1954 Untitled Film Still #48 1979, reprinted 1998 Photograph, gelatin silver print on paper 710 x 955 mm   © Cindy Sherman. Image courtesy Tate.

Cindy Sherman: Mining The Celluloid Landscape

On display as part of Tate Liverpool’s current exhibition An Imagined Museum, C. James Fagan analyses the dreamlike, uneasy quality of Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Still #48… The 20th century was one of...

Liverpool Biennial: Claude Parent at Tate Liverpool

Why Do Galleries Exist?

C. James Fagan wants to be stimulated by the things he sees in the gallery. But is that what the gallery is for? Here, he ponders the broader purposes and concerns of our contemporary...

Kirsten Dunst, Fargo (Channel 4)

Dunst, Dreamers And Drones: The Double Negative Awards 2015

We have asked our critics to name their cultural winners of 2015: who will make the cut? What to say about a year where The Double Negative discussed shame with Jon Ronson? Watched...