Hannah Bitowski

Profession:  Illustrator/ Printmaker/ Textile fiddler.

Tell us about you: I am a lady and I like drawing and printing and one day that would be my full-time job, but people are reluctant to throw bags of money at pictures of a dumpy old lady sucking off a unicorns horn. (I did draw that once)

What inspires you? Mostly: Handmade skillz, the DIY mentality, gender benders, dress-up, outer space and applying basic maths to stuff.

What do you love about liverpool?  The mentality amongst the people I know here is to do what you love and make it your business, i’ve met lots of ambitious and passionate people, so it’s a very inspiring environment to be in.

What would your superpower be? A body clock that could be timed to the minute so you slept when you wanted and woke when you had to, instead of lying in bed for hours trying to sleep and/or lying in bed for hours trying to wake up, because that sucks big ghetto ass.

Favourite local hang-out? Currently the dining room/kitchen as venturing outside is avoided this time of year. Seasonal hermit.

Tell us a secret. I once hugged a bunny to death, unaware at the time. Apparently – BUNNIES ARE NOT THE SAME AS TEDDIES.