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“A quick, but rich dose of strange fiction.” The Big Interview: Adam Scovell

Adam Scovell’s melancholic debut novel Mothlight is rife with the impressions left by place and circumstance, and the tricks memories play. Here, Mike Pinnington talks to the author about the threads running through...


“I feel passionate about getting diverse stories and voices out there.” The Big Interview: Matt Cain

His latest novel The Madonna of Bolton was rejected more than 30 times by mainstream publishers for, among other things, being “too gay”. Author Matt Cain chats to Mike Pinnington about the book, the...

Olivia Sudjic

“It’s hard to compete with the pocket magic of a smartphone.” The Big Interview: Author Olivia Sudjic

Lucy Holt speaks to author Olivia Sudjic about her new book, Exposure, digital criticism, “talismanic” female writers and tangible publications… Olivia Sudjic’s debut novel, 2017′s Sympathy, traced protagonist Alice Hare’s adventures down the...


“An artwork’s a key that could unlock you-don’t-know-what.” The Big Interview: Tim Etchells

I was a young graduate when I first saw one of Tim Etchells’ neon artworks. ‘WAIT HERE I HAVE GONE TO GET HELP’, it said, in siren red text. Wait Here (2008) seemed to...

Steven Watson_crop (credit Anna Eckold)

The Big Interview: Stack Magazines Founder Steven Watson

Founded as a hobby, independent magazine subscription service Stack celebrates the medium in ways few others do. Fellow magazine aficionado Mike Pinnington caught up with Stack’s founder Steven Watson to get the lowdown...

RasheedAraeen_Paki Bastard (Portrait of the Artist as a Black Person) 1977

“Now people realise that there are not only white artists…” The Big Interview: Rasheed Araeen

On the opening of Rasheed Araeen: A Retrospective, at BALTIC, Emma Sumner spoke to the artist, and took the opportunity to discuss global art history and what diversity in our national institutions should, and...

Image courtesy Ladytron 2018

“It’s probably an exorcism…” The Big Interview: Ladytron’s Daniel Hunt

On a most amicable hiatus since 2011, Ladytron return to Liverpool tonight ahead of the release of next year’s eponymous sixth album. Mike Pinnington caught up with the band’s Daniel Hunt on the...

Paradise Rot: A Novel by Jenny Hval. Images courtesy Verso

“Skin and flesh and people desiring each other…” The Big Interview: Jenny Hval

Musician Jenny Hval talks sensuality, criticism, and the porous quality of ideas with Mike Pinnington as her debut novel, Paradise Rot, is released in English for the first time… Jenny Hval’s debut novel...

Phoebe Kiely, They were my landscape (detail). Courtesy the artist

“The darkroom is a sacred space…” The Big Interview: Phoebe Kiely

Jacob Charles Wilson discusses abstraction, darkrooms and chancing upon “images everywhere” with BJP Portrait of Britain winner, Phoebe Kiely… Photographer Phoebe Kiely has an eye for composition and the energy to be constantly...