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Photo by Werner Du plessis on Unsplash

“The art world has a hierarchy”: Your Responses To Class IS A Big Deal

It was difficult and complicated, but you told us what it feels like to be working class and work in the arts. Last year, after much umming and ahing, hand wringing, and conversation amongst...

Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

“Fear helps to keep people in their place”: Class IS A Big Deal

Perma-skint, exhausted, disenfranchised… We need to talk about why working class people aren’t getting ahead in the arts. And as we rarely hear directly from working class people themselves about the obstacles they...

Still from Dear Esther gameplay, courtesy The Chinese Room

“I kind of like the idea of being an outsider…” The Big Interview: Jessica Curry

She writes scores for PlayStation and the poet laureate, studied English Literature at university, and has brought gaming to the theatre with electrifying results: BAFTA-winning composer and Dear Esther creator Jessica Curry speaks to...

Ramin Haerizadeh, Rokni Haerizadeh & Hesam Rahmanian, The Eighth of a Kind, 2014. Photo Laurie Lambrecht

Betty Boop, Ancient Greece & Joy Division: Liverpool Biennial 2016 Travels Through Time

Liverpool Biennial – a free festival of newly commissioned contemporary art from around the world – returns this summer, with big names including Marvin Gaye Chetwynd and Mark Leckey referencing the past, present and future. As the...

See Syndrome's The Happy Jug on Thursday 27 August 2015 at 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool -- get donation entry tickets here

Goodbye Syndrome? The Happy Jug Interview

As they prepare their last experimental arts show of 2015 — a play entitled The Happy Jug — Syndrome talk to C. James Fagan about Proust, the human condition, and replacing actors with concrete...

Andy Warhol (1928–1987), still from Outer and Inner Space, 1965. Courtesy

Culture Diary w/c 24-08-2015

What’s hot this week? Our pick of the listings from around Liverpool and the rest of the UK… Monday – BBC Four Goes Pop: A Week-Long Celebration of Pop Art @ BBC Four, Radio...

The Interpretation Matters Handbook -- Reviewed

Art For Everyone? The Interpretation Matters Handbook — Reviewed

Dany Louise goes head-to-head with wordy, confusing and alienating ‘artspeak’, finds Aoife Robinson, and as a result, gives us the confidence to take control of our gallery experiences… ‘X’s creative act of dissolution combines stillness and...

Caroline Bergvall performance, 24 Kitchen Street, Syndrome

Torque Symposium #2: An Act of Reading — Reviewed

How do we read and why? Analysing the act through a broad spectrum of media theory, philosophy, literature studies and neuroscience, Grace Harrison considers the idea of language as art form, political tool and “collective force”…...

Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick

Culture Diary w/c 03-11-2014

What’s hot this week? Our pick of the listings from around Liverpool and the rest of the UK… Tuesday – Christopher Joseph Holme Exhibition 9am – 5pm @ PR1 Gallery, UCLAN, Preston — FREE This rare presentation...